The Origin

The origin of this blog can be dated back to 2007 when our founder Aravind Ajith came across WordPress when he was looking for an open-source CMS to build his portfolio website. WordPress was only a blogging tool at that time. He was new to the tool and blogging. The writing was never his forte, but this tool encouraged him to start putting out some posts. That little blog laid the foundation of his whole career in WordPress and the parent company of this blog, Awsm Innovations

Eventually, the blog was left behind, and his focus shifted more to WordPress services and products. 

Like many of you, COVID and the lockdowns brought us a new perspective. We learned a lot during our 12 years of working with WordPress, but we have never really put out our knowledge back into the community.  We wanted to change that and that’s how WP-CONTENT.CO was born. 


If you are familiar with WordPress, you know what ‘wp-content’ is for WordPress. We couldn’t find a better domain name for our initiative. We published our first article on May 27, 2020. What you are currently seeing is Version 2 of the site with a lot more added content and features than V1. We know we still have miles to go to what WP-CONTENT.CO should be. We will do our best and always try to get you the best of all things WordPress.

The WP Week Newsletter

We launched a weekly newsletter shortly after the launch of the blog. It was again, born after our own necessity of keeping up with the latest news and trends in the WordPress ecosystem. We try to cover most of the updates from a week into the newsletter including updates and releases of WordPress, new plugin and theme launches, security alerts, product acquisitions, guides, and deals. We sent out the newsletter every Tuesday. 

The Team

The chief curator is Jyolsna. She learnt WordPress after joining Awms Innovations but fell in love with it instantly. Her enthusiasm for WordPress and the community primarily brought the idea into reality. She has been recently actively participating and co-hosting #WPTalks, a talk show on Twitter Spaces. 

The other members of the team are Nithin, content writer, Aravind Ajith & Anantajit providing input and support mostly in WordPress products and development related content. That’s not all. Most of the developers in the team of Awsm Innovations take part in contributing content for the blog and newsletter. 

That’s more than enough about us! 
Thanks for stopping by.

And before you go, these are our haunts – Twitter, Facebook and Newsletter.
Hope to see you around.

Special Mention: ManyPixels

Most of the illustrations used in our posts are from the awesome team at ManyPixels. Checkout their library for some really good royalty-free illustrations.