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Wp-content.co is a WordPress site dedicated to beginners as well as WordPress savvies. Our contents allow the user to gain knowledge about the various aspects of WordPress related techniques and acts as a window to all kinds of WordPress information. We leave no stone unturned in providing information on Web developing procedures and effective tips to anybody with a taste in WordPress.

Well, it feels great being able to assist the users with WP-related articles through our website. Now you might be wondering what’s on our menu. We know that as a WordPress admirer, you always want to remain updated about the latest events in the world of WordPress and web development. You wish to stay in the lead of the curve by picking up the latest WordPress news, advanced techniques, plugins, themes and whatnot.

So, if you are looking for a cyclopedia of WordPress, well you are in the right place. Every week, we post new blogs, reviews, lists, WordPress news, and highly researched pieces that go into the in-depth functionalities of WordPress and how to get the best out of it.

When we thought of starting a WordPress site of our own, we couldn’t settle for any other name for the site other than wp-content.co. As you all know, in a WordPress site, the wp-content is where all the theme files, plugins and uploads are stored. You can complete all important tasks from there and take care of the site easily without having to revise files, move data or perform other dreary tasks. In the same way, we head to make WordPress accessible to everybody, freely and quickly.

wp-content.co is curated by Awsm Digital Innovations, a web product studio run by a team of WordPress core contributors. At Awsm, we have developed our own plugins and websites, so whatever is written in wp-content.co is from our own personal experience and opinions.

Thanks for reading and have fun with your visit!!

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