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Are you looking for some professional quality free illustrations for your next project and overwhelmed by the Google results? Don’t worry. We have been there. Creating your own images is a painful process. So based on our experience we are sharing with you some great sources of free illustrations to impress your viewers. 

1. Vecteezy

Vecteezy boasts of being the largest vector graphics and photo community in the world. It provides millions of professional-quality images and vector graphics created by their talented design community all over the globe and fresh images are added every day. It has a worry-free licensing policy towards images for personal or commercial use, sparing you a headache and enabling you to create with confidence. Their Vector Editor enables you to edit the images before downloading. You can easily change sizes, colours, fonts etc using the Vector Editor which is very easy to use.

Attractive Features

  • The Vectors and photos are categorized into sections like Backgrounds, Icons, Elements, Patterns, Food, Plant, Animals, Nature and more.
  • No limitations on the number of downloads per day. 
  • To get priority support and full commercial access you can select the monthly/yearly Pro subscription, or Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions. But even if you opt for the free subscription, you still have access to millions of vectors and photos.

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2. Freepik

Screenshot of www.freepik.com

Freepik is home to millions of free and premium vectors, photos, PSD files, icons, and free presentations templates. You will find all assets under four main categories – Vectors, Photos, PSC and Icons. There are also free presentation templates, editable illustrations and customizable icons. To make your search easier, there are many subcategories like Background, Birthday, Food, Coronavirus etc. 

Attractive Features

  • The Filter Option on the right side of the website is impressive.
  • Images have to be used providing attribution. If you don’t want to provide attribution, you can become their premium subscriber. The premium plans cost 7.50 EUR per month charged annually or 9.99 EUR per month charged monthly.

3. Stockio

Screenshot of www.stockio.com

Stockio is sure to impress you with thousands of free photos, vectors, icons, fonts and videos. You will find many stunning professional photos, high quality, editable vectors, stand-out icons, or unique videos, to use in your projects. They boast of having the ultimate collection of free creative resources, especially for designers and photographers.

Attractive Features

  • The vectors are not categorized so you have to go through the featured collection or search from the front page.
  • Unlike in other sites, Stockio keeps track of your downloaded files and favourite items, building up your own personalized portfolio of resources.
  • No attribution is required and you can use all resources here for personal and commercial use. 

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4. Flaticon

Screenshot of www.flaticon.com

Flaticon boasts of being the largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. The “flat” icons you get from this site are sure to grab some eyeballs. But don’t forget to credit the author. You can try a premium subscription if you don’t want to credit the author. 

Attractive Features

  • Very easy to download the icons. Just click on the icon you like and choose the format and size.
  • You can customize the icons before downloading the icons in any of the PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD or BASE 64 formats. You can choose the required size, colour and format.
  • Related icons or icons from the same author are grouped into Icon Packs. You can download the complete pack or add the icons you need for your collection.

5. Pixel True

Screenshot of www.pixeltrue.com

Pixel True has splendid illustrations to create breath-taking projects and convert your visitors to customers. You can download vector images with free and royalty-free animation. Even when enlarged, the images keep lines and colours smooth and neat. 

Attractive Features

  • The free illustrations are MIT Licensed.
  • To download the vectors, just click on the Download option below each vector. Vectors are downloaded in Zip format. The downloaded folder will have data in PNG, AI, JSON and HTML format.
  • Paid images are sold as a set and not individually. You can check the preview list of sample images before purchasing.
  • You can get Lifetime Access to all the present and future illustrations that Pixel True has. It just costs $109

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6. DrawKit

Screenshot of drawkit.com

DrawKit is relatively young but it has already gathered its own group of devoted followers. James Daly, an Australian illustrator is behind this noble endeavour. It offers a collection of beautiful, free and customizable hand-drawn vector illustrations and icon resources to use in your projects. 

Attractive Features

  • The SVG illustrations are MIT licensed
  • The illustrations can be used without including attribution. 
  • You can download fully editable SVG and PNG files.
  • Requests for new illustrations can be made.

7. unDraw

Screenshot of undraw.co

unDraw was launched in 2017 with the goal of showing that designers should make their contributions to help bring beautiful design abilities to everyone. Under the watchful eyes of Katerina Limpitsouni, it has grown so much that it is used by giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. 

Attractive Features

  • All images are free. There is no option to create an account let alone pay for images.
  • No permission needed to use any image or credit the creators. 
  • Images can be downloaded in SVG or PNG formats. 
  • Before downloading, you can select the colour scheme to dominate the illustrations.

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8. SVG Repo

Screenshot of www.svgrepo.com

SVG Repo houses over 300k SVG vectors and icons. The vectors are absolutely free and there is no premium plan. You can easily make basic changes on an icon or vector without needing any design software.  Icon collections are grouped by colour and style.

Attractive Features

  • All icons and vectors are optimized with an SVGO based compressor.
  • Can use most SVG images for commercial purposes with no royalties.
  • ML-powered search makes it very easy to search and find vectors.

9. Ouch

Screenshot of icons8.com

Ouch helps creators who don’t draw overcome the lack of quality graphics. You can download the free PNG and SVG illustrations from top Dribbble artists to class up your product. Besides vectors and illustrations, you can also find stock-free photos and royalty-free music. 

Attractive Features

  • Illustrations can be customized and edited in the Vector Creator before downloading it.
  • Even without creating an account, you can download illustrations in PNG format.
  • Free users must credit the authors on using the illustrations, give a license link, and also indicate if they’ve altered the product in any way.
  • To get illustrations in SVG and PNG format and use them without providing links, you have to either opt for a monthly subscription or buy the illustrations of your choice individually. 

10. LukaszAdam

Screenshot of lukaszadam.com

LukaszAdam provides free and stunning illustrations. Lukasz Adam is an independent web designer who releases free SVG images every week for anyone to use on their projects. The images range from illustrations to icons and all of them are eye-catching.

Attractive Features

  • SVG illustrations are MIT licensed.
  • Attributions not required.
  • Easy to download in PNG and SVG forms without signing up.
  • Can access the current and future images just for $5 

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11. Delesign

Screenshot of delesign.com

Delesign is a subscription-based graphic design service. They provide startups, business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs with a dedicated senior-level designer for a flat monthly rate. And recently, they’ve created a library of free customisable illustrations and templates. 

Attractive Features

  • The designs are royalty-free.
  • Just like in unDraw, images can be downloaded in SVG or PNG formats after choosing the colour scheme.
  • There is no need to attribute the website.

12. Humaaans

Screenshot of www.humaaans.com

Humaaans by Pablo Stanley abounds in illustrations of people. It is a free library to mix-&-match illustrations of people. You can customize their positions, clothing, colors, and hairstyle to create some cool scenes. You can add backgrounds and use the power of libraries to make it your own. You can rotate and position the elements in your humaans however you need just like legos made of flesh and vectors. 

Attractive Features

  •  This site has illustrations only of people and thus focuses on the human aspect of design.
  • There is no need to sign-in to download the free illustrations.
  • It’s free for commercial and personal use. There is no need to credit, license, or anything.
  • You can download illustrations from the Dropbox by clicking on the Get the Library. The library is available on InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch.

13. Vector4Free

Screenshot of www.vector4free.com

Vector4Free is a website dedicated to providing access to free vector graphics shared by the most talented and generous designers from all over the world. Here you’ll find a large collection of artwork in all the popular formats. 

Attractive Features

  • Images are downloaded in EPS format, so will need the correct image editing software to edit them. 
  • All the vectors on the site are free for personal use but you should provide an attribution link.
  • You can search easily for vectors by entering their desired keywords or selecting from the large list of categories at the bottom of the page.

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Screenshot of iradesign.io

IRA Design Gallery enables you to build your own amazing illustrations using awesome gradients and hand-drawn sketch components. You can create custom illustrations using these pre-built components. Each component has five different gradient styles, and you can download them as SVG or PNG files.

Attractive Features

  • MIT Licensed images that can be used on personal and commercial projects.
  • You can edit the images only after downloading them and opening them in some image editing software.
  • Variety of ready-to-use features, gradients and components.

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15. ManyPixels

Screenshot of www.manypixels.co

ManyPixels provides stunning illustrations to power up your projects. Though the images are free, you cannot recompile the files or sell them. The images can be downloaded in SVG or PNG format. 

Attractive Features

  • Illustrations are royalty free and you do not have to provide attribution for using it. 
  • You can download the images in your choice colour without signing in. You can use the colour customizer on the right side to choose the color of your liking.

16. Doodle Ipsum

Screenshot of doodleipsum.com

Doodle Ipsum is a free illustration tool for devs powered by Blush. Inspired by the classic Lorem Ipsum, it automagically generates placeholder illustrations with a simple line of code.

Attractive Features

  • Multiple style choices to choose from including Random, Flat, Avatar, Abstract etc and multiple background options.
  • Easy to use and no sign in required.

17. Craftwork

Screenshot of craftwork.design

Craftwork provides amazing interface assets for designers, developers, and startup creatives. It provides both free and paid illustrations. But you can download them only if you have signed in.

Attractive Features

  • Images can be downloaded as Zip file including PNG, Figma, Sketch, Ai and SVG versions.
  • Both 3D constructors and vector scenes are available for illustrations.

18. PassionHacks

Screenshot of passionhacks.com

PassionHacks is another free resource of illustrations. It has both illustrations and animations. All images, assets and vectors published on PassionHacks can be used for free. You can use them for both noncommercial and commercial purposes.

Attractive Features

  • No sign in required – just click and download the image of your choice in PNG and SVG.
  • You can get the AI files in your inbox by sharing your email ID.

With this, we have come to the end of the listicle. We hope this will help you to give life to your projects. They are truly a blessing if you are limited by your drawing skills or time. Depending on the project don’t hesitate to use illustrations from more than one source. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and you don’t want to miss out any advantages!

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