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Thanks for considering us to partner for your marketing needs!

We have described below some of the advertisement options we are providing now. Please note that we only associate with those who have products/services relevant to the WordPress community. 

Option 1 – Advertisement

This is a new package deal we are offering. It includes the following services: 

  1. Ad spots on our website.
    Logo of your brand and a description of your offering in 60 characters or less. Prominently placed on the sidebar of articles, footer and newsletter landing page
  2. Ad spot on Newsletter
    Showcase your product in the Community Sponsor spots in our Newsletter
  3. Ad spot on Podcast & Youtube
    Showcase your product in the Community Sponsor spots in our Podcast and YouTube videos.
  4. Social Media Mentions
    We will also tag you on our social media pages once a week during the proposal period promoting your offerings. 

Option 2 – Product/Service Reviews

We are always introducing quality WordPress products and services to our readers. We can help spread the word about your product too. 

This package consists of the following:

  1. After getting your confirmation, our team will review your product/service and publish it on our blog. 
  2. We will feature the product/service with a direct link in 5 newsletters.
  3. Our development team will test your product and offer suggestions for improvement.
  4. We will share the post across our social media circles repeatedly.
  5. The article would be permanently available in our blog till it is abandoned by the authors or considered obsolete to the WordPress community. 
  6. In the case of premium products, our team should be given a free copy to test them.

The cost is a one-time payment. You need not pay extra charges for maintaining the article in our blog. But we appreciate it if you let us know about the new features so that we can keep the article always up to date.

Please note that 

  • Only quality products/services will be accepted for reviews and listing inclusions.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders, offer/reject refunds
  • All transactions paid for reviews and inclusions are non-refundable. 
  • Product manuals/reviews are permanent and will be updated with the latest information and screenshots as products release their major updates.
  • We reserve the right to remove products that are not active (or consider abandoned)

If you are not satisfied with the above packages but still want to work with us, we are happy to customize a package for you.  

You can find more about our Newsletter here and some of the reviews we have published on WordPress products here.

Hope to see you on our client list soon!