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Social media has revolutionised the way internet users share information online. With the reach and impact of social media growing at an unparalleled pace, it is very essential for bloggers and website owners also to reach out to their followers as well. Ignoring it would mean losing out on attracting a broad audience who could turn out to be repeat customers. 

Also, social media has become such an integral part of the internet that, for the majority of websites, it’s their second-highest source of traffic! So, one of the easiest ways to improve your social media strategy is by integrating social sharing buttons on your blogs. By incorporating social bookmarking and sharing buttons, you will give your readers the ability to quickly share your blog posts on their favourite social networking sites. Doing so will help you drive more traffic from social media sites which will, in turn, help improve your search engine ranking.

But for that, you would need WordPress social media share plugins that integrate social media functionality into your site that allows visitors to share your content with others in their network. With the many WordPress social share plugins available online today, it’s often hard to know the plugin to choose. So, to help you, we’ve created this article to show you the best premium and free social media plugins you can use for your WordPress site.

1. Novashare


Novashare is a newly released fast and lightweight social sharing plugin. One of the advantages of it is that you can be up and running in just a matter of minutes. A total of 21 buttons are available for social media sharing and 52 social media networks are supported for the included social follow widget. Sharing buttons can be displayed above and below content or on a floating bar, and there’s a Pinterest Pin button too, as well as a highly customisable ‘Click to Tweet’ block.

Their count refresh rate options use a staggered approach, which is the best for performance because it keeps API calls down. The plugin settings area is simple to navigate. You’ll find options to display share counts, set button colors and set the breakpoint for where you want buttons to be displayed on mobile devices. There are a dozen stylish button designs available, and these can be manually placed in one to six columns, although the auto-width mode is the most practical button layout.

2. Revive Social

Revive Social Plugin

Revive Social is a company with two social media plugins; Revive old post and Revive Network. Revive old post plugin can add hashtags automatically from the category or tags. The best part is that you will have total control, and you don’t have to leave your site to do any of this. It automatically shares some of your old content to social networks. Pricing starts at $88.5 per year for a single website. Lifetime access starts at $353.

As you keep on adding new posts to your sites, the earlier posts go out of the homepage, thus reducing the number of clicks and traffic to those posts. If you re-share them on social media sites, it will bring new life to those posts and help you drive new traffic. On the other hand, Revive network pulls interesting articles from other news sources and blogs and automatically shares them to your own social pages. There is a free version for Revive Old Post, but it is rather limited.

3. Social Warfare

Screenshot of warfareplugins.com

The Social Warfare plugin comes in 2 versions, the free version and the Pro version. The free version has all the essential features that you would need to set up social sharing on your website. Five social media networks are supported in the free version — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Mix (formerly known as StumbleUpon). The number of shares for each network and the total number of shares can be shown. Another main reason users like Social Warfare is because the buttons are attractive and it has a simple user interface. 

The sharing counts are pulled in with the API, and you can also change some open-graph data to customize the look of the shared post. The Pro version supports additional networks, adds a pin-it button on your images, gives you full control over open-graph tags, and many other important features.

4. Social Snap

Screenshot of socialsnap.com

Social Snap is yet another most flexible social media WordPress plugin on the market. It claims itself as ‘The Ultimate WordPress Social Media Plugin’ and packs many great features to back up this claim. The plugin integrates with 30+ social networks and apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google+, and more. The free version of SocialSnap allows you to publish social media sharing buttons on images, above and below content using inline buttons, and to the left and right of content using a floating bar.

You also have complete control over the design of the buttons. You can choose a shape, size, choose from unlimited colour options, labels, and even add a little animation to the buttons, which is pretty amazing and eye-catching. Social Snap even supports advanced analytics. So you can fully grasp how your audience engages with your website content. Pricing starts at just $27.30 per year for a single website.

5. Easy Social Share Buttons

Screenshot of codecanyon.net

As the name indicates, the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin is designed to encourage social media shares from your website. Despite being a premium plugin, it costs only $22, and you can install it on multiple websites. The plugin even supports advanced features, like conversion tracking, engagement tracking, custom display methods, and more. Some of the reasons why it makes complete sense for a blog is because it doesn’t slow down the site at all, and you receive multiple tools for social sharing, follower counters, and email subscription tools. 

This plugin also offers many advanced features such as A/B testing your social media buttons placement & you can trigger social sharing buttons to show based on user action. That could be after commenting or when the user is about to click the exit button.

6. Simple Social Buttons

Screenshot of wpbrigade.com

Simple Social Buttons is a user-friendly WordPress social media plugin that has support for several popular social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and Reddit. It also provides buttons for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, print and email. A total of seven-button designs are available, including circular designs, rectangular designs and official sharing buttons. If you wish, you can also display the number of shares for each network and the total number of shares for all networks.

While the plugin is very easy to use, it also gives you great control over where your social media buttons are placed. In the free version of the plugin, you can display social media buttons on a floating sidebar, and above and below content. Social sharing buttons can also be restricted to certain WordPress post types, and to categories, tags, archives and search pages. The Pro version allows you to display social media sharing buttons on images and through pop-ups and fly-in boxes.

7. Monarch

Screenshot of www.elegantthemes.com

If you are looking for a premium WordPress Social Media plugin, look no further than Monarch. It is a user-friendly solution that allows you to display gorgeous social media sharing buttons that can be displayed in a number of ways, including above and below content, as a floating sidebar, as an automatic pop-up, embedded into images and videos, or in a fly-in box that slides onto the page. 

It comes with over 30 social sharing networks to display on your website. You may add and arrange any number of available networks as you wish. Another fantastic feature of Monarch is the image sharing option. You’d typically need a different WordPress plugin to share media files on social networks, but Monarch can do that job for you as well.

8. Blog2Social

Screenshot of www.blog2social.com

Blog2Social is another very effective free social media plugin. With this plugin, you can automate the social media sharing process. You don’t always have to be online as you can schedule & publish blog posts automatically & individually to all your social media networks. With Blog2Social, you can publish your content to profiles, business pages, community pages, and groups of your set social media networks. You can define the type of content and create a backlink to the post so that you can drive traffic to your site.

This plugin supports all the top social media sites, and it will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend manually sharing blog posts.

9. Grow by Mediavine

Screenshot of marketplace.mediavine.com

Formerly known as Social Pug, Grow by Mediavine is a beautiful social media solution that lets you display round, rectangular or circular buttons. The free version of the plugin supports four social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, while email and print buttons are available too.

Sharing buttons can be displayed above and below your content area, or as a floating sidebar on the left or right-hand side of your page. Upgrading to the pro version of Grow by Mediavine increases the number of social networks to more than ten. It also lets you customise what’s shared by readers, and the new ‘Click to Tweet’ feature helps you to create quotable and shareable content. The pro version also adds an option to display sharing buttons via a pop-up, which can be triggered by a number of different events. There’s also a sticky social media bar for mobile users, and support for Google Analytics and Bitly.

10. Sassy Social Sharing Plugin

Screenshot of www.heateor.com

Sassy Social Sharing is another powerful lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress. It is completely free to use, and fully GDPR compliant. In fact, it does not insert any sort of tracking cookies on your browser. The plugin’s lightweight doesn’t reduce its functionalities — instead, they add to it. For instance, its weight makes it not a burden on servers and allows your website to load as fast as possible.

It supports over 100 different social networks and offers plenty of options to customize the position and appearance of the sharing buttons. You can also make many customizations to the look and feel of the social sharing button you place on your site. A unique feature of this plugin is that it integrates with myCRED, using which you can reward your users for sharing your content.

11. MashShare

Screenshot of mashshare.net

If you are looking for a modern, social media sharing plugin for WordPress, Mashshare is an excellent option for you. This plugin is created in Mashable’s (one of the most widely read online publications) social sharing style. Although this is a free plugin, it’s highly customizable and looks very attractive. There are only very few free plugins like Mashshare that offer modern designs and fantastic features you would expect from a premium plugin.

It can display the share count alongside the share buttons, which will act as social proof to establish your brand. Other features of the plugin include the most shared posts widget, async share count aggregation, a dashboard for total share count on the posts screen, and short URL integration.

12. Shareaholic

Screenshot of www.shareaholic.com

With hundreds of 5-Star ratings and thousands of active installs, Shareaholic remains one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress. Shareaholic is a suite of site engagement tools that include the Share Buttons. Their Share Buttons are lightweight and make it easy for readers to share posts they like with their friends or online community. The plugin supports Google Analytics integration and comes with share counters that work for over 20 social media networks.


Websites and social media go hand-in-hand. Using one to promote the other is the smart way to drive traffic and engagement. Shop around and pay attention to where the plugin lets you display sharing buttons within posts and pages, the styles that are available, and the social media sharing networks that are included. However, you need to choose wisely. While some plugins might be free, it might be a worthy investment for you to pay a few dollars and go for a premium quality plugin, as you will get a quality design, features, and regular updates. And if you liked this post, give us a follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more from the blog.

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