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I came across 20i when we were doing a listicle on the hosting providers of UK. Though a new entrant into the hosting arena, the hosting provider had a few unique features. And recently we got a free account and thought why not test it and share the experience with our readers. So hang on. 

Web hosting & 20i

If you are a website owner, then choosing a hosting partner will be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make. The importance of a good hosting service can never be stressed enough as it can affect your website vitals like SEO and load speed. Security, performance and customer support are the main criteria for choosing a hosting partner and the award-winning hosting provider 20i performs well in all these and more. 

Meet 20i, one of the latest entrants into the hosting field. Founded in 2016 by Tim and Jonathan Brealey, the very same people behind Webfusion (now TSO Host), 123-reg and Heart Internet. Now let’s take a look into why this young hosting company has grabbed eyeballs and whether it deserves this attention. Please note that though the company has several services, we will be focussing today on WordPress managed hosting only. 

First impressions about 20i

Screenshot of www.20i.com

The website has a modern professional design pleasing to the eyes and the first things that catch your eyes are renewable energy, up-to-date technology, low cost and assured speed. Their documentation too is comprehensive. 

Features of 20i

1. Custom My20i control panel

My20i control panel

My20i is the custom-made web hosting control panel designed by the 20i team where you can check everything in one place – like app installation, migration, domain management, email, and security. It is user-friendly and does not overwhelm users. 

It acts as a complete file manager, supports email account management and you can manage all your WordPress websites, themes and plugins directly from it. It is also intuitive, secure and fully responsive.

My20i is powerful and its design has succeeded in not over-complicating things for the users and ensures easy navigation. You will definitely like it!

2. Proprietary autoscaling technology

The proprietary autoscaling technology assures that you needn’t worry about the effects of sudden traffic surges on your website (or your neighbor’s). The customized PHP-FPM and OPcache ensure that the required resources including memory and bandwidth are automatically scaled up so that your website does not experience any downtime or slow loading. 20i has revealed that the websites are not restricted to one or two servers but can access multiple servers. 

The good news is that there is no extra charge for it. It is provided as an integral part of WordPress hosting and every customer gets it as standard.

3. Impressive technology features

The technology features of 20i are simply impressive. It supports IPv6 and the servers use HTTP/2. All websites and VPS are hosted in secure, state-of-the-art data centers. StackCache (the caching technology) enhances the page loading automatically. 

The free content delivery network includes a suite of speed-boosting features and has no bandwidth limits. 20i gives utmost importance to quality hardware and has a tie-up with Dell.

4. Performance

20i rocks! Many factors contribute to the super speed offered by the 20i. Their WordPress hosting plans come with StackCache caching technology, free CDN with no bandwidth limits, Google-based DNS, 100% SSD storage, and in-house developed Website Acceleration Suite with over 40 performance-boosting features, and autoscaling technology. 

Also, 20i has several inbuilt features for staging, backups, speed optimization, redirects, and security that will reduce your need for plugins and thus save your website from slowing down. 

5. Security

 20i has cut no corners when it comes to security. WP hosting plans give you daily backups, free Wildcard SSL certificate, Two-Factor Authentication, suspicious theme/plugin code alerts, 1 Tbps+ DDoS protection, web application firewall, PCI compliant hosting, web application firewall, and brute force login protection. 

All the websites hosted on 20i are automatically scanned daily for malware. You can get these scan results in the My20i dashboard.  You will get email alerts if any issues are discovered on your website and PHP mail is disabled to prevent your site from further infecting others through email. Other than the scheduled scans, you can also run the scan whenever you want.  

6. $1 for ALL plans for the first month

20i pricing plans

I really liked this plan. Getting managed to host for $1, even if for 1 month is nothing to scoff at. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like the service of 20i, your money is safe and you can look for other service providers. Compared to other managed hosting plans, the plans offered by 20i are more pocket friendly. 

ProviderStarting PlanDetails
Convesio$50/month1 website, 5 GB SSD, 4 PHP workers, 50GB bandwidth
($1 Launch Special Offer)
1 website, 10 GB SSD, 50GB bandwidth
Strattic$45/month1 website, 5GB SSD, 20GB bandwidth
Kinsta$35/month1 website, 10 GB SSD, 50 GB CDN
WordPress.comFree1 GB storage

7. Optimized for WordPress & happy customers

20i customer review
20i customer review
20i customer review

As one would expect from a Managed WordPress hosting provider, 20i has several features that would help out your WordPress website. One thing I should mention is that the online reviews show super-satisfied clients. Some clients have issues with their other hosting plans, but I couldn’t find any serious complaints against their WordPress hosting. There are also no mentions of their hosted websites facing any downtime. 

20i provides plugin and theme management, staging, and WP installation from the My20i control panel itself. WordPress Command Line Interface (CLI) is included with all WP installs. Happy coding!

8. Green hosting

This is one of their main USPs! There are not many hosting providers that provide green hosting. But this hosting provider is environmentally responsible and their web hosting, cooling and network are fully powered by renewable energy. They have partnerships with renewable energy suppliers for the same. 

They promise that sites hosted on 20i will pass the Green Web Foundation’s sustainability checks. Their data centers have an impressive PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.12!

9. Expert support

You are in safe hands. 20i provides 24x7x365 support via live chat and support tickets. The support team excels in helping you out. There is no phone support, but we believe it to be less efficient when tackling technical issues. 

I tried contacting them several times and my queries were answered in a professional manner. I never had to wait more than 2 minutes to get an answer. 

No wonder they got some prestigious awards for WordPress hosting like Monster’s Award and Review Signal Award! 

Should you try 20i?

Our verdict is – Go Ahead! We are impressed with the performance, features, and support offered by 20i. 

The first month’s cost is just $1 for all plans and even that has a 30-days money-back guarantee. They don’t provide a trial period but this is more than enough. Free migration also is on their menu and their support team is always ready to help you out. 

In short, 20i is a solid option that is economic, secure, easy to use, and eco-friendly. What more do you need!

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