The 20 Most Popular Celebrity Websites Built Using WordPress

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Social media platforms are a great way to engage with the audience and stay relevant. However, limiting oneself to these platforms has its share of shortcomings. If one needs to develop a unique identity, having a website that stands out is also important.

This is important in the case of business owners as well as for celebrities, as a website allows them to stay connected to the audience and achieve more that is otherwise limited in the social media platforms. Now, creating one and being able to manage it effortlessly are two different things. This is why many celebrity websites are built with WordPress, as the CMS platform makes it easy to handle the various content types and provides updates efficiently.

We will look at the top celebrity websites built with WordPress and how they use it.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor swift website made with WordPress

Taylor Swift’s website combines minimal styling elements with striking images. The website seems to play around with the styles whenever a new album is released, but irrespective of this, it always presents a unique identity and style.

The other elements include such as the ability to pre-order the album, access to the store, and everything else from the homepage itself. This allows the users to stay up-to-date and source everything from one place. Alex von F. has done an interesting analysis of the website which dives more into the technical side.

2. Rihanna

Rihanna website website homepage

If you are wondering how to catch the attention even before the entire homepage loads, Rihanna’s website made with WordPress is the perfect example. As the home page loads, various images randomly fill the view and then settle down in a predefined manner.

They are not just images placed there for aesthetic purposes; clicking on each image takes the users to a new page that covers different topics. The users can see that when hovering over the pictures, they turn from black and white to color, along with the text appearing, which shows the user the content that awaits them on the next page.

The side menu bar provides quick access to videos, photos, stores, and so on.

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3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson website homepage

The “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson’s website, is also powered by WordPress and has undergone multiple design changes over time. The website uses a modern approach with its hero section and various page layouts.

The community section on the website also allows fans to upload and submit their photo based on the numerous album categories that are present. The visitors can also browse through all the released albums if needed from the website.

4. Usain Bolt

Usain bolt website homepage

The fastest man in the world has opted for WordPress to create his website and it delivers. The homepage with its hero section highlights the record-setting time, in case anyone forgot. There is not much happening on the homepage, other than the overview of his Instagram images and follow button for those interested, an embedded YouTube video, and even more pictures towards the bottom.

At the top, we have six menus to know more about what Usain Bolt does off-track.

5. Andy Murray

Andry Murray website homepage

Andy Murray’s website features many images that highlight passion and resilience. Considering the images and their quality, the website loads pretty fast, and that, combined with the smooth scrolling animations, allows visitors to stay engaged.

6. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal website homepage

Rafael Nadal’s website is elegant and minimal at the same time. There is no attention-grabbing text or the usual menus at the top, but what we do have is a clean animation that transitions from one image to the next depending on the category.

The website provides access to quotes presumably ones that are close to Rafel Nadal, then quick access to the other ventures, shop, and so on.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry website homepage

A two-tone color choice dominates the website, but most users won’t be happy with the fact that a popup to sign up for the newsletter disrupts the website experience. The homepage is clean and minimal with a single video, an image, and access to the store. The various top menu provides regular access to music, videos, and so on.

8. Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho website homepage

Margaret Cho a popular comedian and actress has something about her website built with WordPress that makes one feel lively. There are three main sections news, tour, and podcast on the homepage.

There is also a quick signup form, a tour info section, and an Instagram embed. But more info can be accessed from the top menu and there is even a blog section, that hasn’t been updated in a while.

9. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg website homepage

Snoop Dogg’s website makes sure that the visitors get to know all the fields he has ventured into. The hero section draws attention to the new album and other focus areas of the home page are the recent news, a showcase of his albums, and the tour dates.

But there are two other important things to note here. One is the accessibility button at the top which allows all users to interact with the the website. The second one is the presence of an embedded Spotify player, which keeps you in the groove as you explore this beautiful site created with WordPress. There are various menus at the top such as film, music, shop, and so on for the visitors to explore.

10. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley website homepage

Elvis Aaron Presley also known as the “King of Rock and Roll” also has a beautiful website built with WordPress. Apart from the use of pictures and animations, one interesting aspect of the website is how the cursor icon turns to a “listen to music “, “watch video”  and “listen to playlist” logo as we scroll and explore the homepage.

11. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods website homepage

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods uses images and a bit of play on colors on his website. Hovering over the images does add color and life to them and the home page is more focused on showcasing his ventures and at the same time remains minimal.

Now visitors can get to know more about him from the top right-hand menu labeled “Tiger Woods”.

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LL COOL J website homepage

James Todd Smith, also known as LL Cool J, his website primarily uses two colors, white and black. The homepage is very minimal and a couple of images and videos make up the homepage. 

13. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber website homepage

Justin Bieber’s website takes a different approach when it comes to the menus, in the sense that the website uses a vertical menu on the right-hand side instead of the top. The top section is entirely reserved for his social media handles and there is a quick showcase for his music albums and videos and a quick signup form to receive updates.

14. Jay Z

Jay Z website homepage

Jay Z’s website created with WordPress is the perfect example of how you can achieve anything with this CMS if you put in the time, and effort and combine it with creativity. The homepage with its rows of images and content associated does have a resemblance to Rihanna’s website. But one addition here is the slider available on each row, which allows one to browse a lot of topics in various categories. The menu beneath the images acts as a sort of filter if you need to focus on a specific category.

15. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez website homepage

A combination of soothing color tones and bold text is what gives life to Selena Gomez’s website. The website design is such that the team has decided to not clutter the homepage with a lot of content, but to promote recent developments.

For everything else, the visitors can make use of the top menu for accessing the shop, videos, and so on.

16. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias website homepage

WordPress does seem to be the choice for a lot of singers and Enrique Iglesias is no exception. The homepage is all about promoting the tours, and music albums, and also instills the urge in the visitor’s mind to pack the bag and hit the concert.

There is also a music player to keep you in good company as you take in the visuals of the homepage.

17. The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones website homepage

The Rolling Stones website’s homepage does away with scrolling and makes use of a carousel to convey important matters to the visitors. It’s a simple but effective homepage as there is no distraction and engaging the users is on point.

There is a separate menu to access the shop and other relevant categories.

18. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone website homepage

The homepage is very minimalistic, uses a combination of white and black colors, and only highlights their family show titled “ The Family Stallone”.  The rest of the stuff is cleanly placed in various pages such as the shop, bio, news, and more.

The work section showcases a list of movies he’s been a part of as an actor, writer, and so on. The shop section has a great merchandise collection of his two popular movies Rocky and Rambo.

19. Sean O’Brien

Sean O'Brien website homepage

A 10-time Australian windsurfing champion athlete’s website made with WordPress will make you want to try a hand at windsurfing. The homepage is modern, with a touch of masking effect when we scroll. A portion of the homepage showcases a few of his partnerships and quick access to his bio.

The media page is quite awesome as the images give us a glimpse of his life as a windsurfer and other aspects of his life. There is also a quick link to his Vimeo channel, and highlights of various media coverages are also available. There is also a blog section, but it hasn’t been updated recently.

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20. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan website homepage

Bob Dylan with his career spanning over 60 years and a website that reflects the modern times is a treat to the eyes. As we scroll past the hero section we can see various postings in a grid view that highlights various music albums of his, songs, Q&A, and so on.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the celebrity websites built with WordPress and each one has an identity of their own, from the choice of color to the layout.  

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