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We have always tried to keep our readers updated by introducing the latest plugins, themes and other developments in the world of WordPress. But the picture will not be complete without honouring the people behind these developments. People are the life force that is driving this amazing CMS to new heights. So from this month onwards, we are starting a new feature –WP-Professional of the Month, where we introduce to you the great names in the WordPress arena. Today our guest is Davinder Singh Kainth.

Davinder Singh Kainth has around 15 years of experience navigating the WordPress terrain. He started as a technology blogger and then transitioned into the design, development and digital solutions world. He is the brain behind the well-loved WP Weekly, the weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals that bring the best bits from the WordPress ecosystem. His other projects include BasicWP (a website featuring guides for WordPress users), Pro Beaver (an authoritative resource website for Beaver Builder), Smart Web Creators (knowledge hub for web creators) and the Pro Toolbox (a collection of useful tools for Online Entrepreneurs).

You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Q: How did you get introduced to WordPress? Can you please explain the journey, especially the beginning of WP Weekly?

I started as a blogger a long time back on the Blogger platform (BlogSpot, remember those days?). It was the best free way to start blogging and test the waters. With the first few dollars in the account (thanks to Google Adsense), soon the transition from ‘just doing it for fun’ to ‘let’s get serious’ started.

The next step was the jump from the Blogger platform to WordPress. Then I followed the usual path of setting up an agency, hunting for website clients, and learning through the process. Since I read a lot of WordPress-related stuff, so thought, why not share the same with folks in the community (and save them time finding good WordPress stuff).

‘The WP Weekly’ was born a year back, and I still enjoy writing it every weekend. It feels so good giving a platform to WordPress goodness created by amazing souls from various parts of the world. Plus, the fantastic feedback is icing on the cake. Talking strictly business, ‘The WP Weekly’ is a profitable venture, aka a side project.

Q: Where are you based? Does your location influence your work?

I am in India (North India -> Chandigarh/Mohali). My initial earnings came in the form of US dollars via the Google Adsense program. So, making money in dollars became the norm for me in the last 15+ years (not sure why). Hence, 99% of my clients came from the USA, UK, and Australia (and still the same).

Q: What makes WordPress so special to you?

Almost 0% entry barrier and 100% creative freedom make WordPress the special one. There are ‘no’ strict containers when using WordPress; anyone can make their ecosystem and flourish!

Q: How all have you contributed to WordPress? Show off your contributor badges.

I have been a community player in the unofficial circles participating in numerous discussions, helping other WordPress users, and being a speaker at various online summits. Yes, I do have an official WordCamp speaker badge!

Q: What new features would you like to see introduced in WordPress?

Blocks with ‘full site editing’ is a good start, but I would love it see it expanded with built-in features to create and control custom data.

Q: What is your favorite a) Plugin b) Theme c) Web hosting? and why?

Plugin: Beaver Builder
Theme: Astra
Hosting: Siteground.

Well, these work for me and are the best options for my clients and me. I always say, best for someone is not best for you. So, always try these things rather than reading reviews. One has to jump into the water to measure the depth of the pond!

Q: How do you keep abreast of the developments in the WordPress field? Which all resources do you rely on?

Besides the official WordPress org blog, I am super active in various WordPress-specific Facebook groups. The real creators hang out, discuss, and share their stuff in these groups, giving you ‘real’ insights.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of WordPress?

As bright as an LED bulb, the shape of the bulb may change, but the brightness will continue 🙂

Q: What advice would you give a WordPress beginner?

Get into the community at various places like Facebook, Twitter, online summits and start sharing from day one (and don’t get consumed by imposter syndrome).

Q: What are your thoughts on WordPress meetups and WordCamps?

I have only attended one in-person WordCamp, and it was an incredible experience. I hope to attend more such events as and when things open up.

Q: What does your work station look like?

The WP-Content team wishes all the very best for his future endeavors and hope to see him making more waves in the WordPress world.

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