9 Best Dropbox WordPress Plugins (2024)

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Dropbox is one of the most loved cloud storage systems which gets over a million user interactions on a daily basis. Using cloud storage, you can save your WordPress backups, media files, and other essential documents. Your documents and files will remain safe no matter where you are and which device you are using. There are several WordPress plugins that allow you to integrate your WordPress site to your Dropbox account. One of the major functions of these plugins is they make a bridge for the data of your Dropbox account to your website. So, if you are looking for the best Dropbox WordPress plugins then you are at the right place. 

In this article, we have curated a list of the best WordPress plugins to help you integrate your site with Dropbox and enhance your user experience. So without wasting much time, here are the Best Dropbox WordPress Plugins. 

1. Dropr

Dropr is dynamic and one of the best Dropbox WordPress plugins available in the market. It will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress site and use it as the section media folder for your site. With this plugin, you can add any file from the Dropbox account straight into your pages or posts. In other words, it turns your Dropbox account into a secondary WordPress Media Library with ease. When compared to other Dropbox WordPress plugins, Dropr is a newbie, user-friendly WordPress plugin with a very simple and clean interface. The plugin supports all the important file types, audio, video, PDF, Excel, images and more.

You can access your Dropbox files from the WordPress text editor screen, then drop files into your content as you wish without having to upload them to WordPress. This makes it a great way to save bandwidth, plus Dropbox offers better file management than WordPress.

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2. Solid Backups (formerly BackupBuddy)

Solid Backups is one of the well-liked and dependable WordPress site backup and restore plugin. The plugin can be programmed to automate the backup process after a certain time and can also save the backfile to any location you want including your Dropbox account. Once you have connected it to your Dropbox account, you don’t have to do it again and the plugin will keep storing your backups to Dropbox. The plugin can create backups for all your WordPress files as well as your SQL database and can also secure your site from many times of attacks. `

3. BackWPup

BackWPup Free is one of the popular free plugins for Backing up your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can schedule your backups based on how repeatedly you update your website. BackWPup will take care of storing them on your Dropbox cloud storage. The database backups created by the plugin can be saved to external storage spaces including Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, SugarSync, and Rackspace Cloud. BackWPup can also be used as an optimization and repair tool. 

However, there is also a paid version of the plugin as well. But if your basic requirement is to save your entire WordPress installation and push it into Dropbox, then the free version will be more than enough. BackWPup Pro is also available, with prices starting at $75. It offers 12 months’ support, plus two additional backup services: Google Drive and Amazon Glacier.

4. Out-of-the-Box

Out-Of-The-Box is another paid plugin which comes with an embedded Dropbox browser. It is an effective, professional yet straightforward dropbox plugin and helps to display your Dropbox files in a pleasing manner. There is also an option through which you can provide your visitors with full access to your Dropbox content. The user folder feature will also enable your clients to preview, download, and even upload documents to their private folder. 

You don’t require any prior coding language for the usage of this plugin and anyone can install it with ease. It also provides a stunning gallery section to manage your pictures in your Dropbox. Out-of-the-Box dropbox plugin comes in with affordable pricing plans at $29 with support for 6 months. 

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5. Embed Any Document Plus

Embed Any Document Plus helps you to display any document on your WordPress site that is hosted on DropBox. It is seamlessly integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.com, Just a click is enough to select and embed a document into your website. Usually, if you want to share a Dropbox file with the world, you can simply place an external link within your content. But Embed Any Document Plus lets you embed your documents(PDFs, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents are all supported) into your content instead! Embedding documents is a cool feature that’s rarely seen, plus it will save valuable bandwidth.

6. WP Database Backup

One of the most installed plugins on WordPress, the WP Database Backup plugin permits you to easily create and restore database backups easily with a single click. You can either manually or automatically create and store backups on Dropbox. It also allows you to save and restore your site data on safe places like FTP, Email, Google Drive and Amazon S3. You can also create auto backups and restore them easily with a single click and even search and sort your database if needed.

The paid version of this dropbox WP plugin offers services like even simpler manual and automatic backups, multisite compatibility, exclusion of folders and files not needed, simple one-click restore and automatic removal of older  backups. 

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7. WordPress Backup and Migrate plugin- Backup Guard

Backup Guard is one of the most powerful open source dropbox plugins for backups, restoration, and migration. It is an out and out WordPress backup plugin that lets you back up every post, media file, comment, and dashboard setting on your site to our servers. It protects your files from hackers, accidental damages, malware, and host outages and keeps your data protected on Dropbox. 

The paid version of this useful plugin offers features like uploading and importing backups from Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, and SFTP/FTP. Using the premium version of this plugin also enables you to receive emergency support.

8. SnapShot Pro

SnapShot Pro is a premium plugin by WPMU DEV which can be used to backup your WordPress site to your Dropbox account. You can even schedule or automate the backup process with time intervals ranging from every 5 minutes to once every month. Apart from Dropbox, it also supports other popular cloud storage systems like Google Drive and Amazon S3. You can also use the one-click restoration feature to rewind your website whenever you want. SnapShot Pro is an ideal plugin if you own a large website with a lot of content in it.

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9. XCloner

XCloner is one of the most popular back-ups and restores plugins for Dropbox integration on WordPress. It creates complete and different backups for all parts of your site, manually or automatically. The plugin supports a built-in scheduler that allows you to maintain backups regularly without sending a request every time.

This WordPress dropbox plugin generates backups in open source standards like CSV, TAR and Mysql formats that allows you more flexibility and control to restore data in a variety of ways. Not only for Dropbox but these features are also supported for Dropbox Backblaze, AWS, Azure Blob, FTP, SFTP and Google Drive.


Dropbox is an ideal option if you want to store your backup files in the cloud. Of course, there are many Dropbox plugins out there which we couldn’t possibly include in this post. However, we have tried to present a varied range of functionalities and also free/premium price tags. We hope you found this list to be helpful in finding the best Dropbox WordPress plugins out there. 

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