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WordPress has introduced its brand new default theme – Twenty Twenty-Two. The theme arrives during an exciting time for WordPress themes. Themes, with the introduction of Full site Editing and Global Styles, are changing functionally and structurally to bring in more avenues of customization than what users have come across in the past. Twenty Twenty-Two has been designed as the most flexible default theme ever created for WordPress and it duly takes advantage of the new features. 

Light, Resilient and Reliable

Twenty Twenty-Two is designed as a light, resilient and reliable theme with a hint of playfulness. The theme comes with bird illustrations and for headlines, the theme uses the lightweight Source Serif Pro, paired with sans-serif for support. The color palette of the theme is inspired from nature, and the layout elements sit well on the page. The design choices of Twenty Twenty-Two are subtle and its foundation will be strongly built. We hope that this theme will suit your website for years to come. 

Possibility of Endless Customization

Twenty Twenty-Two is going to take full advantage of the wide range of page templates, headers, footers and other patterns so that each user can make the theme their own. These will offer a balance between utility and fun – while some patterns are irregular and unpredictable, others are straightforward and traditional. These patterns together will enable all the possibilities the theme has to offer. 

The theme also comes with a range of alternate color schemes that enables the users to change the appearance of their website drastically. They will be able to change fonts, image treatments and more on a site-wide level. These new controls will open up a wide range of customization options for the theme. 

Twenty Twenty-Two is designed in such a way that its default appearance is not going to be the endpoint. Each user deserves a website that is truly unique, built on a well-designed, solid foundation, and this new theme is going to help them achieve their needs. 

Full Site Editing Option

Twenty Twenty Two Theme

In order to take advantage of these customizable features, Twenty Twenty-Two will have the option for full site editing first. โ€œThe theme aims to use as little CSS as possible: our goal is for all theme styles to be configured through theme.json and editable through Global Styles. The theme development team will work closely with Gutenberg contributors to build design tools in the block editor that enable this goal,โ€ says Kjell Reigstad who leads the design for the theme. 

Initial Reaction from Community

Twenty Twenty-Two has received overwhelming positive feedback from the community with its design preview. Users are quite excited about a default theme that can be easily transformed according to their needs. The progress on the block editor and full site editing features have made Twenty Twenty-Two the most user empowering theme WordPress has ever designed. 

Twenty Twenty-Two and the Future of Themes

Twenty Twenty-Two will be shipped with WordPress 5.9 and will likely require the same version to run. The theme is being developed on GitHub with Jeff Ong leading development with Kjell on design. The theme is expected to be released by December 2021 and as mentioned earlier, users are already excited for it, with the little preview they got. 

Block templates, block patterns and theme.json are some of the innovations that are making the development process of the theme far simpler and providing new ways to customize sites. We can strongly believe that the community can leverage all these developments to build more diverse and frequent themes and customization for the users in the coming years. 

We are certain that Twenty Twenty-Two will be an excellent theme to try on your website. It will be a game changer in the history of WordPress themes and there are going to be more developments in the future! 

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