WordPress 6.5.4 Restores Auto-redirect After Plugin Activation

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WordPress 6.5.4 was released on June 05 with 5 bug fixes. This maintenance release led by Tonya Mork, Colin Stewart, and Aaron Jorbin fixes the plugin activation fiasco caused by WordPress 6.5. 

WordPress 6.5.3 Failed to Deliver

Originally, WordPress 6.5.3 was expected to address the Ajax Plugin Activation challenges from WordPress 6.5 but the community did not take kindly to the admin notice asking to refresh the page after installing a plugin. WooCommerce developer Adrian Duffell pointed to a 20% reduction in the number of users completing the plugin’s setup flow. 

Additionally, Awesome Motive CEO Syed Balkhi and Bertha.ai’s Andrew Palmer also expressed concerns about the activation process while Tonya Monk acknowledged that Plugin companies were significantly impacted, reporting 18-30% decreases in users moving to the next step. 

It’s great to see the community voices being listened to.

WordPress 6.5.4 Updates

WordPress 6.5.4 changed the AJAX activation handler to restore auto-redirect after plugin activation allowing the browser to navigate to the URL in the Activate button’s href. This change retains the AJAX functionality while restoring the native behavior of the button’s href.

This release also ensures dependency detection for newly installed plugins and reverts 6.5.3 changes that displayed an admin notice upon successful plugin activation.

Other fixes in this release include:

The next major release, WordPress 6.6 is expected by July 2024, with WordPress 6.6 Beta 1 already available.

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