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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new weekly podcast, “The WP Week – Weekly WordPress Podcast” 🎉. We have handcrafted it for those who are genuinely interested in the WordPress ecosystem and would love to have all such news in one place. 

Two Years of WordPress News

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For the past 2 years, the WP Week newsletter has been bringing relevant news about all things WordPress every Tuesday and has amassed a loyal following. We diligently served the WP community with the latest WordPress news, great deals, worrisome vulnerabilities, and exciting events and introduced new products/services.

The WP Week Podcast

We were always aware of the fact that at least some of our readers had trouble reading the entire newsletter due to time constraints, while others preferred the audio version. So they’ll love the new Podcast for sure. It is essentially an audio form of the newsletter for everyone who prefers it that way. We have plans to introduce interviews too in the podcast in the future. 

We use AI tools to generate it and ensure that our readers get a succinct summary of the newsletter. We promise to respect your time and understand it’s valuable. So just hard-core news and nothing else. Delivered impartially and without prejudice. 

Sign up

You can subscribe to the podcast on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Please do signup and share it in your WordPress circles. 

And if you are yet to sign up for our Newsletter, you can do so now and get it in your inbox every Tuesday. 

Looking Forward

WP-CONTENT.CO is turning 3 years old later this month (on May 27, to be exact – Yes, WordPress Day!). We thank you for all the love and support you have given to our blog and, later WP Week newsletter. We hope you’ll extend this support to our podcast too. More celebration plans are in the works, and we’ll let you know soon. Do let us know your thoughts about this podcast, and don’t forget to subscribe. 


The WP Week Newsletter

A weekly newsletter covering updates from the WordPress ecosystem that are relevant and helpful for WordPress agencies, developers, and enthusiasts

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