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Regardless of what type of business you run, creating an email list should be at the top of your to-do list. With your email list, you can share your story, promote your business, and showcase your products, amidst turning email subscribers into loyal customers. Any online marketer will agree that email is one of the most effective marketing channels. There is no doubt in the marketing world that building an email list is critical to your business’s success, but how do you actually collect email addresses on your website? In this article, we have rounded up the best email opt-in plugins on the market.

What is an email opt-in?

“Opting in” generally refers to email communication. An opt-in email list is a collection of email lists with information that your subscribers have willingly given to you. This means they are aware that you are adding them to your list and agree to receive mass emails, newsletters, or other forms of digital communication from you. You can see an opt-in form on most websites asking you to sign up for a newsletter or other marketing material. Optin forms can be displayed to users in a variety of ways. 

Most WordPress email newsletter plugins come with some kind of opt-in feature. But if you are using a solution that does not provide opt-in forms or you want full control over how your opt-ins look, there are many dedicated WordPress email opt-in plugins that can help grow your email list. That is, there are plenty of options for WordPress users to choose from many different types of optin form plugins that are openly available on the market. So, let’s get started!

1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is an all-in-one email opt-in plugin packed with every type of opt-in form you could ever wish for, including slide-in, screen filler, widget, etc. This powerful plugin allows you to design and deploy opt-in forms using a drag & drop editor. You can customize any of the 60+ included templates or create the perfect opt-in form from scratch.

With Thrive Leads you can easily create a whole set of targeted optin forms that can be triggered with a number of preset rules such as click trigger, exit intent, user behaviour and user location as well. It also gives you deep reporting and analytical insights so you can understand how your forms are performing, and where your highest converting traffic comes from.

Key Features

  • Supports API integrations and custom HTML forms
  • Advanced A/B Testing
  • Animations for different optin forms
  • SmartLinks displays different opt-ins to existing subscribers

2. MailChimp For WordPress

Mailchimp for WordPress is dedicated to one specific email service — Mailchimp. But, if you are using Mailchimp for your email marketing efforts, it’s one of the best plugins to help you to grow your Mailchimp lists on WordPress. It’s somewhat limited on big features but it adds some smaller features that other plugins don’t offer. With the plugin, you can connect to any of your Mailchimp lists and create your own email opt-in forms. Or, one of the really neat things is that the plugin integrates with other WordPress plugins/features to add list-building functionality to them. You get full control over form fields and can easily customize colours to match your website’s branding.

Key Features

  • Click to subscribe tick box feature.
  • an eCommerce integration that lets you tag subscribers based on what they purchase, detailed form styling options, and more(pro version).

3. Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a premium WordPress email opt-in plugin by Brainstorm Force that offers some compelling features. Convert Pro’s advanced triggers allow you to display your opt-in forms at the right moment, and include Exit-Intent, Well-Timed, Welcome, User Inactivity, After Scroll, and After Content. What really makes Convert Pro different from the other email opt-in plugins is its user-friendly drag and drop form builder. Much like a page builder, it lets you create eye-catching forms visually without the need for shortcodes or CSS. Though it is loaded with useful features, you can disable the ones you don’t need. This will improve your website’s performance.

Key Features

  • 100% mobile responsive and device-specific
  • Real-time reports and insights with Google Analytics integration
  • Multi-step pop-ups.
  • Supports MailPoet, Mailchimp, Mailster, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue, GetResponse, Zapier,etc.

4. OptinMonster

One of the most popular tools for capturing emails is OptinMonster. This plugin is highly popular and is regarded as a feature-packed WordPress plugin that will help you enhance your email list with high-converting opt-ins. OptinMonster also comes with several levels of features that make list building and conversion easier for beginners. However, it also has many advanced level features which make it the best choice for business websites and E-commerce stores too. Not only does it make creating optin forms easier, but it’s smart features are focused on conversion optimization. Also, the subscription forms created with OptinMonster are both fast and mobile-friendly. 

Key Features

  • Geo-Location traffic targeting
  • Abandoned cart sensor
  • Create lightbox and fullscreen pop-ups, floating bars, slide-ins, mobile, and in-post campaigns.
  • Smart exit intent technology and detailed analytics.

5. Bloom

Bloom is an email opt-in form plugin for WordPress by Elegant Themes. You can use this plugin to add 6 different types of opt-in forms including popovers, widgets, fly-ins, below post forms, inline forms, and content lockers. It offers an impressive collection of 100+ beautifully designed templates, which you can use to collect emails right away or customize to match your site and branding.

Bloom can automatically insert your opt-in form within your page and post content either above the content or below it. You even have the ability to manually add your opt-in form within the content using a shortcode. Lastly, You can create an opt-in form that restricts access to content.

Key Features

  • Central dashboard to manage everything
  • Seamless integration with popular email marketing systems
  • Built-in analytics to monitor opt-in performance
  • Conversion reports and statistics. 

6. Hustle

Hustle by WPMUdev is one of the very few plugins which are completely free to use with premium features available. It comes with plenty of features, including eight popup animations, 20-plus conditional behaviors, various popup trigger options, etc. You can also design responsive popup forms using the free form builder, or use any of the prebuilt customizable templates. The plugin is user-friendly, with a simple wizard to help you get started, and tools for tracking and measuring results as visitors start filling out your form. It also has multiple triggers including exit intent that make this one plugin so powerful for turning visitors into subscribers.

Key Features

  • Target visitors with smart exit intent.
  • Detailed analytics, including stats on how many times opt-in forms are displayed and submitted, as well as conversion rates.
  • Ad-block resistant

7. Popup Maker

Popup Maker is a freemium popup plugin that lets you create any type of popup, including opt-in forms. One of the great things about this plugin is its use of display conditionals. Popup Maker gives you 26 different ways to target specific WordPress content, which gives you pinpoint control over where your popups show up. You also have direct control over cookies to control how often your popups appear. 

Key Features

  • 100% Customizable popups
  • Visual Theme Builder
  • Precision User Targeting

8. Icegram

Icegram is a freemium WordPress email opt-in plugin that offers a ton of features. The plugin comes with so many different types of forms and formats with excessive customization capabilities. Icegram is also one of the most trusted lead generation plugins that can help you collect emails at a very high speed. Icegram comes with more than 100 templates ready to choose from. Just select a design, pick a ready-made format and you can start collecting emails in a minute. You can also create every possible type of optin form such as toast, pop ups, inlines, overlays, bar, badge, ribbons and many more formats, all in one single plugin. 

Key Features

  • Unique headline generator that creates engaging headlines, giving your copywriting a head start.
  • Pre-written messages to attract visitors
  • Multiple display positions: top, middle, bottom, left, right, center

9. WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe is a free email opt-in plugin designed by My ThemeShop. It is the one simple plugin that needs no customization at all. Just install and activate it. Then sync your mail chimp list with it and place it on your sidebar, posts wherever you like. That’s it. It’s fairly limited but if you only want to add basic opt-in forms to widget areas – this plugin is all you need. The pro version gives you access to advanced customization options where you can change, typography, Colour and forms fields of your optin forms. 

Key Features

  • It can be used more than once in different sidebars using shortcodes.
  • Compatible with popular caching plugins.
  • High CTR design.
  • Options to change the text displayed in the opt-in form

10. Creative Mail

Creative Mail, a WordPress and WooCommerce email marketing plugin built by Constant Contact, is designed to integrate closely with your site and WordPress Dashboard. With this plugin, you can grow your email list and send beautiful campaigns faster and easier than ever. It’s ideal for automatic blog post syndication, newsletters, announcements, event promotion, WooCommerce product specials, retargeting eCommerce shoppers, sending postcards, providing updates and more.

Key Features

  • Jetpack Forms Integration
  • Detects the current website forms used on your site, and automatically adds contacts to your email marketing lists. 
  • Schedule the time and date of outgoing email marketing campaigns based on your business or organization’s preferences.


Email marketing is a good step toward your overall marketing goals. Every email optin plugin is unique and it seriously depends on the personal experience and choice which plugin works the best. Here, we have listed only 10 of the plugins and services, but we are sure there are others out there that are just as good, and new ones are popping up all the time. So, if we have left out your favourite plugin, do let us know in the comment section below.

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