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A Team Page or “About US” page is a regular sight in almost all websites. Gone are the days when you could get off by just putting up some pictures and details of your product on your website. Now people are spending more time and money on getting the Perfect website that would give a face to their culture and activities. And they give a lot of importance to Team Page showcasing all the human resources they have at their disposal.

Why is the Team Page so important?

The team page is all about boasting to the world the human resources available at a company’s disposal. It can either be a part of the About Us page or a separate page.

Now we will share with you some points on why Team Page is important and why it grabs most attention after the Home Page.

1. Increases the credibility of your website

Imagine a website where all details of the company history, employees and products/services are given and another company where no information is provided other than the details of the product/service they provide. It is obvious that you will choose the first company over the second company. So in an age of internet fraudulence, a Team Page will help you to increase your trustworthiness in the online world and establish your legitimate status. Chromatic includes photographs, a brief bio and links to social media profiles besides giving the names, posts and expertise of their team. 

2. A place to showcase your company culture and expertise

The team page is a reflection of the culture of the company and the policies you have put in place. In fact, the way you present your team members speak volumes about your company culture and can also assure your potential clients that you have the expertise to tackle their projects. Khan Academy Team Page compels you to try them after going through their Team Page

3. Quench the curiosity of clients

Your clients are human beings and they would like to put a face against the names they see on the email communications with you. It would make them feel more comfortable in their dealings with you. Your business becomes more approachable to potential clients too by portraying a human face. Curalate has done a great job in breaking the ice and creating a rapport with visitors.

4. Attract the right talent

“Take my assets, leave my people and in five years I’ll have it all back.”

The above words of Alfred Sloan (long-time president, chairman and CEO of General Motors Corporation) stresses the importance of human resources. So it is important to hire people not only with the correct skill but also with the same attitude to fit in with the team. A powerful Team page can lure right fits to your company (just like Salted Stone with all the perks) or deter the unfits from even daring to apply (like Zulu Alpha Kilo). So Happy Hiring!

5. Sense of Belonging

The Team page is equivalent to a public declaration that these employees belong to your company and that you are not ashamed to claim so in public. It is an ode to their dedication and sacrifices to the company. Your clients may have approached you based on your products/services but it will be your team that will save the day and create relationships with them. So it will only be befitting to dedicate a page for your warriors to make them feel appreciated. Big organizations that find themselves in a tight spot exhibiting all their employees can take a leaf out of Etsy. They have managed to place their 100+ employees on the team page.

We hope the above points have fully convinced you about the need to have a Team Page in your site. Now we will share with you some points you need to focus on while designing your Team Page.

Things you should note while designing your team page

1. Design and Layout

You should take special care to design your Team Page in such a way that it stands out but does not clash with the other pages on your website. Please use colours, themes and language that go in hand with your name, website structure and field of operation. It would look odd if you use informal and easy tone in all pages and then post pictures of the team in stuffy formals. 

The team page of CloudHorizon, a mobile product development company is fascinating and out of the box. When you hover over an image of a team member, their thumbnail flips over to a photo from their childhood with a short caption of what they aspired to be when they grew up. By this, they are trying to convey that it takes time and innovation to achieve great things.

Stink Digital is a creative agency and their ‘Meet the team’ section comes with an expertly color-coordinated slideshow of team members.

2. Presentation style

Let your creativity and talent shine through. You need to present your employees in a manner that would make the visitors to the website turn into clients or shoot a resume expressing interest to join your team. Present them in a way to show others that you mean business. The Etch team has a whole of three members but still has a Team page and that too a pretty impressive one! Or the Elegant Seagulls who have gone all out to give your neck muscles a much-needed work-out.

3. Employee Details

You must definitely include the names and photographs of employees and positions they hold in the organization. The photographs and posts should be based on the organizational image you want to convey to the public. For example, we at Awsm Digital Innovations are pretty laid back and we have titles like Main Dude, Code Boss, Super Developer, Happiness Officer, etc. LiveChat too has the same cool approach.

Team Page

We hope we have equipped you with enough ideas for your own Team Page. To make your work easier we have our ‘Awsm Team’ plugin too. 

Private Advisor Group (financial advisories), Outer Space (landscapers), Luminos (free education), Absolutely Advertising (advertising) are just some of the wonderful sites whose Team pages are powered by our plugin. 

If you are interested, you can download it from here and get to work! And please don’t forget to share with us the links to your Team pages too.

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