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Are you seeking a way to show off the team members of your organization on your official website? We are glad that you are in the right place. Having a team page means you will need many tools to display and manage your team. Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress team member plugins available in the market.  And the biggest advantage is, you don’t need to appoint a developer to use these plugins. Most of them are easy to use and come with good documentation. In this post, we will share the best team member plugins for WordPress. 

Why do you need a Team Plugin?

As we all know, the employees are the heart and soul of an organization. Allowing users to know about your employees will give them the courage to deal with you, and increase the trust levels. It helps to build credibility and relationship with your expected clients. There is no debate that the ‘About page’ is a smart place to explain to customers what your business can do. But you can take an extra step and add profile pages that disclose your team members.  This lets customers know that you have qualified people to get the job done. These devoted member pages also aid to channel communication to the right person for better user experience.

These WordPress plugins will help you showcase team members as part of an existing page. Or else, you can utilize these plugins to build a separate page for your team members, thorough with functionality to break team members into different categories and help visitors find particular people. So, if you are all set to go, let’s have a look at the best WordPress team member plugins

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1. Awsm Team

We are extremely proud to say that this well-known team Plugin, Awsm Team is developed by our Parent organization, Awsm Innovations. The plugin has been purchased over more than 5000 times. Over those sales, it has managed a 4.6-star rating (out of 5), which is pretty good. 

AWSM Team makes it effortless to build and manage a team and showcase it on your WordPress.  Once you install and activate the plugin, the AWSM Team item pop-ups on your dashboard. To begin with, you will have to create the personal member profiles with name, description, contact details, and photo.  These pages can be considered as a basic template that can be used by all members to create bios. Once the member pages are ready, you can build a team or teams, based on how big your organization is, and add the suitable individual profiles to each team. You can also set up the look and feel of each team page.

Three presets are available with this plugin (card, table, list) and you can select any of it to display your team members. Each preset comes with some styling options as well as the option to personalize using CSS. The plugin is responsive and touch-enabled. On the other hand, Awsm Team pro has eight presets; drawer, modal, slide-in, grid, circles, cards, list, and table. It also has a Visual Composer Content Element so that you can smoothly insert your team as you build a page.

2. Team Members

Team Members is another free WordPress plugin with which you can exhibit your crew on your official site. It is listed in and is installed and activated on nearly 40,000 websites. The plugin includes a Teams option to your WordPress dashboard. From there you can include members to your teams with a single click, along with their photo, biodata, official designation, and social profiles.  You can rearrange them whenever you wish and display them wherever on your site with the help of a simple shortcode. Another advantage of this tool is that it is updated regularly.

In the Pro version of the plugin, you will get additional features like changing the picture when hovering, including full-width pictures, filters, and adding more social link profiles. Each member can have a distinct color and up to five members can be accommodated in one row. Team Members is a little more bounded when it comes to the types of layouts that it offers. But if you just want a regular grid layout, it’s an unshakable option.

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3. Creative Team showcase

As the name suggests, the Creative Team Showcase is a premium plugin that helps you to showcase the team members with some creative and exclusive designs. The plugin provides six easily customizable and active layouts including square, mosaic, & circle grids, wave animation, slider, hexagon, and inline preview. It gives you the liberty to add an unlimited number of skills for each team member, including their social links.

One can choose separate colors for rows, headers, names, titles, and more using the innate color pickers. You can also smoothly rearrange the team members just by the drag and drop method. The Creative Team Showcase is also fully adaptable with the WP Bakery Page Builder so that you can calmly embed a team showcase on any page while building your website. Other highlight features such as Font Awesome integration, premium support, RTL support, and Ajaz Category filter make this plugin an admirable option for any professional website.

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4. Team Builder

If you are looking for a nominal design for your team page, this can be the perfect choice for you. Team Builder(premium) has an effective admin builder, WPBakery Visual Page Builder support, and various shortcodes that permit you to build a beautiful display for your team in just a matter of minutes. It offers four layouts; grid, table, slider, and widget with different style preset along with social icons bar.

The visual builder, the drag and drop element, and the diverse personalization options make creating team pages with this premium plugin an enjoyable experience. You will be able to customize fonts, colors, spacing, and arrangement of different elements. You can also include fancy hover effects as well as a custom URL for each member. Members can be tagged so that visitors can narrow down staff by departments or teams. Skill bars help to rate employees and create cards with details like Skype, email, phone, bio, website, tagline, or location. Moreover, these employee details can be stored as contacts too

5. WP Team

WP Team is also a very functional and industry-leading WordPress team member showcase plugins. It comes with 3 different layouts; Carousel, Grid, and List. It also provides incredible styling features that will help you to create and regulate the team page with diverse options and designs. The plugin’s main purpose is to present the team and the working force of your company. It enables you to present the name, position, bio, photographs, and social media links of your employees for the visitors to connect with them. You can also hide a member’s details if you want. 

The Pro version of the plugin, WP Team Pro has eight layouts presets and 14+ member details input fields including members skills, photo gallery, social media links. With the WP Team Pro, you can quickly create an appealing team members page or section on your WordPress site with the best design. Other features of the plugin include Multisite support, WPML ready, Multilingual, Page Builders, and Widget ready.

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6. Team Showcase and Slider

Team Showcase and Slider is one of the most exquisite team member plugins. It allows you to add a name as post titles, a description as post content, and a short bio as a post excerpt. Other fields that can be included are member department, designation, skills, experience, and social links. This plugin allows you to display your team in a grid and slider. You can also work with the Gutenberg shortcode block.

The premium version offers more than 25 slider and grid layouts to work with, and the sliders have the option for a center mode. You can use separate fields for member skills, bios, etc. Team Showcase and Slider Pro have two variations for the popup display design so you can showcase your team members as elegantly as possible. You can also limit the number of team members that you want to be displayed on the slider so that your interface is more orderly. The plugin lets you choose whether to hide or show the slider pagination and arrows too.

7. Team Members

Team Members plugin strikes a perfect balance between functionality and features allowing users to showcase their team effortlessly. The customization features on offer are vast such as the ability to choose different theme styles, the availability of multiple social icons, popup and slide panel view, the support for visual composer, and more.

The plugin is responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. It is developer-friendly, making it easy to customize, and even has a shortcode generator. The live preview feature the plugin offers is also unique. There is also support for ACF integration, bulk import, and multilingual support.

8. Team

The Team plugin is a free WordPress team members plugin that is available in The plugin is fully responsive & mobile-friendly. You can display your team members in five different layouts like Isotope and Grids. You can select the layout for the profile image as square or rounded. Its shortcode generator has various options so that you can smoothly control which layout you want from the different layouts, image enable or disable option, primary color, detail page link option etc.

If you need more functionality, then you can go for the plugin’s affordable premium version. One exclusive feature in the Pro version is the capability to assign team members to a real WordPress account and then present each team member’s latest posts to the viewers. This makes it an especially good option to display a team of writers(if you have one) because you can easily include each writer’s latest blog posts.

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So, you have seen the 7 plugins that will enable you to showcase your teams and manage them. By reading this article, you can understand that each of these plugins has its own pros and characteristics that would help the organizations to set up one or more teams on their website.  This listicle is a combo of both free and premium team member plugins that can be chosen based on your budget. So which of these WordPress team member showcase plugin have you chosen? Let us know through your comments.

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