WordCamp Asia 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide for Attendees

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你好. Hello. Ahoj. Bonjour.Hola. こんにちは.

Three days, people coming together from across the globe, and a lot of opportunities, and one wonderful destination. United and forward-driven by a common passion, the WordPress community will come together in Taipei, Taiwan, for the second edition of WordCamp Asia.

Based on the first WordCamp, what you can expect from the WordCamp Asia 2024 are as follows:

  • A lot of smiles and catching up
  • Incredible sessions and workshops
  • Exchanging and bouncing ideas
  • A job board to find new work opportunities
  • And of course, taking home the swags

WordCamp Asia 2024: When is Everyone Coming and Where?

A new country offers a chance to see new places and try new things. But we will get to it shortly. Our main focus is on the WordCamp and this year, the event will be hosted at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) from March 7-9, 2024.

The TICC as the venue for WordCamp Asia 2024 is an excellent choice. With more than enough conference rooms with state-of-the-art facilities and seating capacity, the various sessions can take place simultaneously without a hiccup. The venue is located near the Taipei World Trade Center and Taipe 101, the skyscraper mostly known for its indoor and outdoor observation decks. They offer the visitors an unforgettable 360 view of the city.

Around 2000+ participants from across the globe are expected to show up this time.

Soup Dumpling Wapuu- The Official Mascot

WordCamps are incomplete without a Wapuu. As is the case with all WordCamps this year’s Wappu also holds a strong connection to the hosting city and is something that people of all ages from the community will be able to connect with.

Introducing the Soup Dumpling Wapuu, the official mascot for WordCamp Asia 2024. The Wappu was selected from a total of 21 submissions.

WordCamp Asia 2024 Wapuu

The Speaker Line-Up Announced So Far

Around 50+ speakers are expected for the event and 42 of them have been unveiled so far. Matt Mullenweg is also a speaker and other speakers are notably from Automattic, Elementor, A2 Hosting, Google, Blueost, Stackable, GoDaddy,  TeamH4C, CHT Security, and so on.

Currently, the topics they will be covering haven’t been revealed, but we can expect them in the coming weeks.

Tickets are Selling Out Fast. Hurry Up

Currently, the fourth batch of tickets is going on and there are only a handful of regular and micro-sponsor tickets left. So, hurry and grab your tickets right now. The after-party venue will soon be revealed.

Do keep the confirmation email that you receive upon successful booking of the ticket.

WordCamp Asia Diversity Scholarship is Now Open

The scholarship is a great initiative that lends a helping hand to deserving community members. This application for the scholarship is now open and is live till February 2, 2024. This year the team will be awarding the scholarship to two individuals, of whom one will be a resident of Taiwan and the other will be a national of a different country.

But before you apply, there are certain requirements that you need to be aware of. The scholarship will cover the financial expenses such as flight tickets, accommodation, and the WordCamp Asia 2024 ticket.

The Travel Arrangements You Need To Know About

WordCamp Asia 2024 has published the visa requirements early to help the community plan out their trip as early as possible. Based on your nationality the entry requirements will vary. Nationals from around 65 countries do not need a visa to enter Taiwan, whereas nationals of India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam will need to apply for an ROC travel authorization certificate.

If you are from a country that doesn’t belong to any one of the above-mentioned groups, you will have to apply for a visitor visa or MOFA’s eVisa to gain entry into the country. Interest parties can also apply for a Taiwan Gold Card in the Digital Fields which offers several advantages. They also have a detailed webinar where they tackle the most prominent travel concerns. They have also responded to various queries that were puzzling the travelers.

Remember the only currency accepted in Taiwan is the New Taiwan dollar. So exchange the currency from your home country or do it once upon arrival as foreign currency is not widely accepted. Carrying cash alongside your credit/debit card is important.

Accommodations for WordCamp Asia 2024 and Different Ways To Explore

There are a lot of hotels one can choose from that are close to the TICC. To name a few they are:

There are mainly three ways travelers can explore the city. Make use of the metro, and taxis, and one can also rent a bicycle for those close by destinations.

A Traveller’s Etiquette To Taiwan

It’s always good to know the country and culture you are traveling to to help you blend in and not offend anyone unknowingly. What’s normal and accepted in one place may be frowned upon in another.

The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, and various dialects are also spoken across the country. The first thing to note is not to use the words “four” and “death” in public. The word four has a superstition attached to it, so avoid uttering it in public places. Also, do not engage yourself in topics related to politics as a tourist.

When making use of public transport refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking. While inside the metro it is generally advised to hold your backups in your hands. The rest of the points to note are normal such as giving way to the seniors, not playing music loudly, talking softly, and so on.

Also while having your food remember not to stick your chopsticks up vertically. Placing them like this is frowned upon as it resembles an incense stick. The norm is to place them across the top of the bowl or on the table.

When meeting up with locals for the first time, opt for nods, a slight bow, or handwaves instead of handshakes. Handshakes are also accepted but the former ones are the widely accepted ones.

Finally, if you plan to give someone a gift make sure to avoid clocks, handkerchiefs, watches, candles, knives, and white flowers because of the various superstitions attached to each one of them.

Places To Visit in Taipei City

There are a lot of places to visit, but for the time being, let’s look at a few of the ones close to the venue.

1. Taipei 101

Taipei 101
Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

The skyscraper is one prominent tourist attraction and with the indoor and outdoor observatory decks, this is a must-visit place. The skyscraper is also known for its tuned damper and is also visible to visitors.

Distance from the venue: 500m

2. Linjiang Night Market

Linjiang Night Market
_MG_2073” by waychen_c is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

A popular night market that is active from 6 pm to 2 am is a perfect choice to try out some local food at the end of the day.

Distance from the venue: 1.3km

3. Nangang Park

Nangang Park
bird @ Nangang Park” by Ernesto JT is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

A perfect place to take a walk or unwind after a long day by indulging in Chinese architecture, this is the place for you. The park also has a waterfront and various other activity zones.

Distance from the venue: 4.4 km

4. Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo
Taipei Zoo Entrance” by Yu tptw is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

A very popular and busy tourist as well as a local attraction. The timing is from 9 am–5 pm so plan out your itinerary accordingly.

Distance from the venue: 6.8 km

5. National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum
National Palace Museum” by montztermash is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Engulf yourself in history spanning across centuries. Explore various relics and other pieces of timeless artifacts.

Distance from the venue: 10.4 km

6. Xiangshan

Photo by Jimmy Liao on Pexels.

Xiangshan, also known as Elephant Mountain is a popular hiking trail in Taipei. A total of 600 steps to reach the top and offers a splendid view of the city.

Distance from the venue: 1.6 km

7. Miramar Entertainment Park

A place for shopping as well as some entertainment. The place is most known for its Ferris wheel, which lights up at night.

Distance from the venue:  8.8 km

WordCamp Asia 2024 – The Timeline

Three days of WordPress, contributing to it, engaging in conversations, attending sessions, and spending time with the community. The WordCamp Asia event is divided into three days:

  • Day 1 on March 7 is the contributor day
  • Day 2 on March 8 is the first conference day 
  • Day 3 on March 9 is the second conference day followed by the after party

The Contributor Day

If we had to describe the contributor day in one sentence, it would be as follows:

There’s room for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, there’s space for everyone here. Contributors days are where attendees contribute to WordPress. From the technical code side to finding bugs to documentation and so on. What makes this day special is that there will always be an opportunity to learn new stuff, share what you know, and gain valuable insights from the community.

The Two Conference Days

The conference days involve the various speakers taking to the stage to deliver the sessions. From gaining deep insights to understanding how the speakers tackled the same problem that you might be facing to clearing your doubts, the sessions are truly valuable.

When the schedules are out, take note of the timings and plan early to avoid last-minute chaos.

The After Party

One last round of fun before heading home. A time for everyone to unwind and spend some time together before heading home. Crack some jokes, and dance your heart out, it’s all smiling faces at the after-party.

In the coming weeks, we can expect more updates from the WordCamp Asia 2024 organizing team, and following them closely on various social media platforms and the official website is a great way to stay updated.

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