WordCamp Europe 2025 Scheduled for Next June in Basel, Switzerland

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Basel, Switzerland, has been selected as the host city for WordCamp Europe 2025, scheduled from June 5 to 7. The announcement was made at the conclusion of WC Europe 2024 in Torino, Italy. Switzerland, despite its small size, boasts a remarkable density of official WordPress meetup groups — 15 groups for its 8.85 million inhabitants, equating to one group per 590,000 people, the highest per capita globally.

Why Basel?

Nestled along the serene Rhine River, Basel is a cultural gem in the heart of Switzerland, where medieval history seamlessly blends with contemporary innovation.  Known as the cultural capital of Switzerland and “The Heart of Europe”, Basel boasts a rich heritage evidenced by its well-preserved medieval old town. Located at the crossroads of Switzerland, France and Germany, it also hosts the annual Art Basel fair, a pinnacle of the international art calendar. Beyond art, the city is a hub of intellectual and scientific innovation, home to the world-class University of Basel and numerous pharmaceutical giants.

Patricia Brun Torre, co-organizer of the WordPress Meetup events in Geneva since 2013, has shared insights into how Basel secured its role as the next host city.

Unlike previous years, WCEU 2024 was free of controversy, and the community praised its diverse speaker lineup. The event, which culminated in the 12th annual and largest WordPress event in Europe with 2,584 attendees, was orchestrated by 756 organizers working across 25 teams. 

The upcoming WordCamp, too, needs dedicated organizers. Interested candidates can fill out the application here. The organizing team recommends applying for 2025 and familiarizing yourself with the logistics and organizational requirements if you are considering applying to host WordCamp Europe 2026. 

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