The ‘Astra Theme’ Team Unveils an AI-Powered WordPress Website Creation Platform – ZIPWP

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In a bid to simplify website creation and revolutionize the process, the CEO of Brainstorm Force Sujay Pawar, and WordPress influencer Adam Preiser, have unveiled their latest venture – ZIPWP. This AI-powered platform aims to empower website creators by seamlessly generating WordPress websites with minimal effort. 


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ZIPWP introduces a fresh approach to website building, leveraging AI to transform a simple idea into a fully functional WordPress website. By providing a straightforward text description of their vision, users can watch the AI crafting a captivating website design, persuasive copy, and relevant visuals within a mere 60 seconds.

“Our goal for ZipWP is to revolutionize website creation with AI.

Use ZipWP and within 60 seconds, anyone can create a fully-fledged first draft WordPress website with multipage designs, personalized content, captivating images, a working contact form, a shopping cart, and free hosting.

All of this for FREE, with no obligations. All you’ll need to do is tweak the copy and perhaps change an image or two. That’s it.

I’m excited to bring the AI revolution to website building, as the process of watching a website being built before your eyes is simply mind-blowing!”

– Sujay Pawar (CEO of Brainstorm Force & Co-founder of ZIPWP)

A sneak peek video led by co-founder Adam Preiser showcases the AI’s wizardry in action. Demonstrating its prowess, the AI crafts a complete website for a charity organization with minimal user input. The impressive feat even extends to the addition of a donation page with a form, highlighting ZIPWP’s potential to transform website creation into a swift and engaging experience.

One thing to note is that the initial draft resembles a professionally developed website, complete with multiple essential pages, quality content, and captivating images! Users have the freedom to customize and fine-tune the draft according to their preferences. As ZIPWP has WordPress for its backend, customizing the website should be a breeze for anyone familiar with the platform. 

Launch date

The team behind ZIPWP has not announced any launch date. Meanwhile, you can signup and join the waitlist. The list already has thousands waiting, but you can move ahead 20 places every time you refer someone with your unique referral link!

ZIPWIP will be available free of charge. But Premium plans are in the pipeline. ZIPWP has exciting plans in store for agencies, including the white label version for maintaining brand identity on subdomains.

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