20 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2024

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As a WordPress site owner or WordPress enthusiast, you should follow WordPress blogs to stay connected with the latest happenings, tips and techniques, hacks and plugins, etc in the world of WordPress. Thankfully, the WordPress platform has devoted and accomplished bloggers who keep on writing and sharing about the advancements and trends in the field. To help you out a bit, we have put together a list of what we think are the best WordPress blogs that you don’t want to miss. 

1. WP Beginner

This is probably one of the best WordPress blogs for beginners. As the name suggests, WPBeginner features very elementary and easy to understand articles in order to help WordPress beginners. But that doesn’t mean that experienced WordPress developers do not gain anything from it. There are many exciting things to learn in an advanced WordPress platform and this blog contains such things for all the WordPress users. You can also find WordPress news, reviews on themes and plugins, coupons, and deals in this blog. 

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2. WP Explorer

WP Explorer is another perfect example of a blog that deals with everything about  WordPress. It shares all the aspects of WordPress such as easy to follow tutorials and guides, comparative and product reviews, the collection of themes and templates, etc to give you quality content. In between these great posts, they publish giveaways and exclusive deals that can save you a whole lot of money. This site also offers awesome tips and techniques that you can use to gain more traffic to your site. 

3. CodeinWP

The CodeinWP blog is a well-handled hub of the best WordPress tutorials, tricks and tips. The blog is updated every other week and you will find tutorials and comparisons lists to help you out. Each of their contents is extremely researched and finalized, therefore you can completely have faith in them. They also offer accurate downloadables often. So, they aren’t just for the clicks but also try to be helpful for their readers. 

4. WordPress Developer Blog

Screenshot of developer.wordpress.org

WordPress Developer blog is new to this space and is still in beta. Once it’s up and running this space will cover everything from news, tutorials, materials for developers, guides, posts on upcoming features, and dev notes. In short, it covers all the aspects of the WordPress community.

One of the main motives behind this initiative is to create a one-stop destination for WordPress resources. This will ensure two things: firstly, the information the users receive will be accurate and verified, and secondly, you don’t have to visit multiple websites and waste a great deal of time gathering the needed information. This is a community project and everyone can contribute to this.

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WPMU DEV blog is a go-to platform for professionals to initiate their WordPress business. This blog provides you with everything that you may need for your WordPress site whether it is templates, plugins, security, updates, marketing & SEO tools and support from professionals. All the topics covered on the blog revolve around WordPress, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress and more from the WordPress community. You will also get access to WP Academy membership once you sign up. Apart from all these benefits, you will also be able to find developers to advertise your business. 

6. WPLift

WPLift is a blog that provides contents that are aimed at helping you get an in-depth knowledge of how aptly you can use your WordPress site. Even an entry-level WordPress user or an enthusiast can use WPLift to increase their knowledge and embellish their insight. You will find tutorials, tips and techniques that are beginner-friendly as well as content-rich. The site also features all the current news, updates and fascinating deals(based on coupons) of WordPress. This site also has its own theme gallery that you can check out. Not only this, but you will find other useful things like plugins and security widgets.

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7. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud Blog consists of a group of bloggers who share tips and tricks so that users can skip the hard way of getting used to WordPress. This site also features a platform for enthusiasts who would like to tie in and discuss topics related to WordPress. It’s not just dedicated to one type of genre but you get tips to advance your business, fashion, food or any other blogs. The site also includes video tutorials and also offers a free android and IOS app to download and view this blog. With the creative thinking and options for us users, this is listed on our list of Best WordPress Blogs.

8. Winning WP

WinningWP is another great resource for WordPress. You can learn about new WordPress themes, read some plugin reviews, and learn new skills to work with WordPress via helpful tutorials. As the name suggests, WinningWP is about gaining an advantage of the WordPress platform. By following this blog, you can definitely stay updated about the new WordPress themes and plugin reviews. The blog is managed by Brin Wilson and makes it useful for both WordPress enthusiasts and website owners.

9. WP Newsify

The main intention of this site is just like any other WordPress site, to help a beginner go through the basics of WordPress. This site contains articles, tutorials and guides to help you use all of the features of WordPress more expertly.  You can also find information on exclusive deals for WordPress products. The site provides theme roundups, plugin guides and all the general and the latest news on the WordPress world making this one of the top blogs in the field. Newsify also features guest posts and stories contributed and submitted to them.

10. WooCommerce Official Blog

If you are running an online store using WordPress, you probably use WooCommerce. In that case, you should surely follow or subscribe to the WooCommerce official blog. It includes guides, tips and tricks, tutorials and the most recent developments in the WooCommerce domain. Not only will you get development updates and know what’s coming so you can prepare your store, but they also publish lots of best practices and business tips that have been proved and tend to work really well with the plugin. You will also get access to a number of downloadable plugins through this blog.

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11. Kinsta

Kinsta was founded by a group of WordPress developers who want to provide reliable hosting services with high speed, security, and stability. Its not just the most popular managed WordPress hosting platform, but also publishes some amazing WordPress content through their blog. It contains tips on PHP, plugin awareness, back-end development, front-end development and design, marketing, eCommerce, etc. Some of the most interesting content they do is called Kinsta Kingpin which is a series of interviews with WordPress professionals.

12. Yoast SEO Blog

Yoast SEO is the best in the field when it comes to search engine optimization. You can also follow their blog for up to date WordPress SEO strategies, onsite SEO tips, social media guides and plugin updates. Their blog explains all of this to you in simple language with videos, tutorials and infographics. With different series being published at different times, you might see a suggestion column one day, a use case the next, and then an explanation of why Yoast works the way it does the day after that.

13. WP Tavern

WP Tavern is yet another incredible platform where you can learn every bit on how you can function your WordPress sites. It features all of the current news and updates as well as a weekly episode dealing with WordPress function related content. It also deals with topics involving BuddyPress, BBPress etc. One of the unique features of this blog is that you can socialize with fellow WordPress users to engage in discussions related to your concerned topics. 

14. Cloudways

Apart from providing managed cloud hosting solutions, Cloudways is also a great blog to follow. They publish theme reviews, website setup guides, and tons of business tips via their blog that you will probably want to include in your reading list. They also help you to build better digital experiences, scale your business faster, and maximize growth potential. Cloudways is featured on most popular publications like Forbes, PC magazine, etc. 

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15. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the most dependable and high-quality publications around. They have lengthy content that falls deep into each subject they tackle. And even when they have sponsored posts, the content is held to the same standards as their everyday work and covers useful topics that just happen to be relevant to the sponsor’s niche. Whether you are a WordPress designer, developer, beginner, user, or some combination of all of those, you need to read Smashing Magazine.

16. WP Mayor

WP Mayor is one of the best WordPress blogs because it has a little bit of everything for WordPress users. But the site mainly specializes in WordPress plugin, theme, and product service reviews. You will see comparative studies or listicles related to the products which make this site the one that you must visit before you decide to buy plugins or themes for your WordPress site.  Although WP Mayor mostly deals with review contents, it also includes tutorials, guides and news articles. They also keep a list of WordPress job boards, so if you are looking for a part-time or full-time career in the WordPress field, you should consider checking out WP Mayor.

17. ManageWP

Screenshot of managewp.com

ManageWP is a great resource in and of itself. A lot of the content on the ManageWP blog is about WordPress security. Featuring top-level writers and developers such as Vladimir Prelovac, Charnita Fance and Brenda Barron among others, the ManageWP blog shares tutorials, tips, reviews, opinions, news, business advice, themes and plugins among others. There are also client-focused articles, like how to sell more of your services and creating website features to impress your customers. Their blog however also provides information spanning 68 pages of news, opinion pieces and development.

18. Chris Lema’s Blog

Screenshot of chrislema.com

Chris Lema is a public speaker, blogger, product strategist and coach. Since 2005, he has been working with startups, software companies, and in the WordPress ecosystem helping teams and companies grow. Chris Lema’s blog is packed with useful insights and crucial details about running a WooCommerce store. Like many others in this list, this blog covers both WooCommerce and WordPress and offers consulting services for both.

19. Bob WP

Screenshot of bobwp.com

This site is stored with hundreds of WooCommerce tutorials to help builders, no matter what their level is, to create and grow out their sites with the flexibility of plugins and extension. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced WordPress user, you can always learn something from this blog. They come up with weekly events where you learn about the many facets of the WooCommerce ecosystem, how to succeed with your WooCommerce business, and even how to level up your Woo coding. You can also listen to their podcast Do the Woo for more WordPress goodness.

20. WP-Content.co

Screenshot of wp-content.co

Last but not the least, our own blog WP-Content.co (what you’re reading right now) is one of the best WordPress blogs out there. Our contents allow the user to gain knowledge about the various aspects of WordPress related techniques and acts as a window to all kinds of WordPress information. Every week, we publish new articles, reviews, listicles, WordPress news, and highly researched pieces that go into the in-depth functionalities of WordPress and how to get the best out of it.


Apart from all the WP blogs we have mentioned here, official WordPress Blog is another essential blog that you cannot ignore. It is the official source of information about WordPress news, updates, changes, events, etc. Since there are too many WordPress blogs out there, you will have plenty of other choices at your disposal. So if we missed your favourite, feel free to mention it in the comments to keep growing the list. 

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