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This month, we are happy to feature CartPops as Plugin of the Month. CartPops is a WooCommerce Add To Cart Popup, that helps every shop owner improve their user experience, increase conversions & maximize profits. 

A better checkout experience would help convert more sales. This plugin provides exactly that. You could use their free version of the plugin to significantly improve the checkout experience in your WooCommerce website. View their live demo to see how exactly it works.

A better ‘cart’ for your store

The term “side cart” isn’t necessarily all that commonplace – but it should be!. A Side Cart completely transforms the look and feel of your WooCommerce store. Instead of a default WooCommerce cart page, you’re essentially replacing the page with a slide-out panel that looks and feels awesome. This provides customers with the ability to quickly review what’s in their cart while remaining on the page they’re currently on. Thus, it speeds up and enhances the shopping process – unlike sending someone to an actual “cart page”.

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Why CartPop?

If you are completely new to the idea of Side Carts for WooCommerce and you’re wondering how to implement it in your eCommerce website, CartPops is here to help you out! By using the newly designed and developed freemium plugin, you can easily replace your cart page with a beautiful, responsive, and conversion-optimized fly-out cart.  It makes your cart accessible from anywhere on your site and looks great on any theme or design.

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The default WooCommerce Add to Cart button reloads the entire site each time a product is added to the cart. If it takes your customer a lot of time and steps to make a purchase, they’ll eventually get frustrated and leave your store. Customers deserve and in most cases expect a better user experience. CartPops will solve this with a few clicks.

CartPops works with any theme including an Elementor Integration. In addition, it works with any WooCommerce ‘add to cart’ button. They are by far the most engaged and forward thinking developers in the area of Side Carts for WooCommerce. 


  • Simple syntax to write your own message that tells a customer how much they’re removed from free shipping.
  • WooCommerce built-in GEO to automatically detect the visitor’s country.
  • Free shipping is automatically determined from the shipping zones in your WooCommerce settings.
  • By default, the Drawer will always be available for your customers and customers can access it by clicking either the Floating Cart Launcher icon or by using the Cart Launcher shortcode.
  • Floating Cart launcher and powerful Coupon form.
  • Squeeze more revenue out of your customers by recommending products directly in the popup.
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Also, the plugin works amazingly well in combination with Aero Checkout plugin to make the whole shopping experience slick, high converting, and average order value-boosting! 

Even with a little over 100 active installs (when writing this article) they already have some great reviews for their product in the WordPress repository!

The premium version of the plugin offers four plans: Basic (1 active website), Premium (3 active websites), Ultimate (25 active websites) and Elite (100 active websites) which can be paid monthly, yearly or as lifetime (You can become a founding member of CartPops today and save big on a lifetime license). 

So, if replacing the WooCommerce Cart Page with a slide-out Side Cart is what you’re looking for we recommend CartPops – It’s Amazing! 

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