20 Best Online Form Builders (Hosted Forms) in 2024

There are too many online form builders available in the market today making the choice of picking one a difficult task. But don’t worry we will share with you some of the best ones you can’t go wrong with. We will share with you both free and premium options along with their features. 

What exactly do online form builders do?

Form Builders/Creators are cloud applications that help you to develop highly customizable and job-specific forms. You can use them for different things like contact forms, surveys and polls, online order forms, collect emails and accept file uploads. You can collect user responses in real-time and store essential information via quiz, collect payments and more.

How to find the best online form builders?

Keep these factors in mind while deciding the form builder for your website.

Pricing: The cost plays a major role depending on the size of your business. Free plans may not always have all the features you are looking for. But make sure the more expensive plans are reasonably priced and the features you’re going to need in the future are available. A decent form builder app should make you more money than you’re spending on it.

User-friendliness: Always select a form builder suited to your needs and technical calibre. Though most of them are drag-and-drop, some are designed having beginners in mind, while others are aimed towards pros. This is the interface that allows you to build and edit your web forms so it’s important you find a tool that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Quality of templates: Higher the quality of these templates, lesser is the work it takes to create new forms. Before signing up to any form builder, check the quality of form templates and also the different types of form templates available. Ensure the right templates are available for your needs.

Rich in features: You should have access to all the functionality you need, including useful third-party integrations. It is always good to have complete control over the form’s design. Bonus points to a form builder that can be integrated with your favourite app and plugins. 

Now let’s take a look at the best form builders available today.

1. JotForm

Screenshot of www.jotform.com

JotForm is an easy-to-use online form builder for every business. The great thing about JotForm is its drag-and-drop form builder that doesn’t require any technical know-how.  It’s easy to customize styles, fonts, backgrounds, and colour schemes. You can also accept payments from over 30 different payment gateways. It integrates with Dropbox, Google Docs, Zoom, Slack etc. 

They have a free Starter version, as well as paid subscriptions, starting from $24/month billed annually. They also provide a 50% discount for non-profits and educational institutions. 

  • It has an immense template library with above 10K form templates. 
  • You can receive an email for the responses you get for your form. 
  • With their “Approvals” feature, you can build the perfect approval flow without any coding.
  • Hundreds of online form widgets to include extras such as video, social media or maps in your forms.

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2. Google Forms

Screenshot of www.google.com

Google Forms is one of the best free online form builder applications that enables you to collect information via the quiz or survey. The information entered by forms is automatically connected to the google sheet. It is one of the easiest ways to build an online form, especially if you’re already familiar with Google’s other apps.

Though you can’t accept payments, Google Forms includes all the basic form fields you’d expect. You can choose from a bunch of question options, from multiple choice to dropdowns to a linear scale and add images and YouTube videos.

  • All the features are free – all you need is a Google account.
  • Forms are responsive, so that means it’s easy to make, edit, and respond to forms.
  • Responses to your surveys are neatly and automatically collected in Forms, with real-time response info and charts. 
  • You can add collaborators to build your survey with you.

3. Wufoo

Wufoo is an online form builder with a cloud storage database. Its powerful and intuitive features empower anyone to build beautiful forms without writing a single line of code. Wufoo lacks in modern design aesthetics but makes up for it with extreme customizability. You are sure to like it if you like working with spreadsheets as you can export your data and begin analyzing the responses on your favourite spreadsheet software.

The basic Free plan provides 5 Forms and unlimited reports and paid plans start from $14.08/month. The free plan allows only 10 fields on a Form and 100 API requests. 

  • Great data security measures for paid plans like 256-bit SSL encryption and password protection.
  • It has more than 400 templates to choose from.
  • Can customize online forms with custom themes, colours, brand logos etc
  • Can collect data and payment and get real-time notifications via text or email as soon as someone completes your form.

4. Typeform

Screenshot of www.typeform.com

Typeform helps you create conversational experiences that are ideal for capturing contextual information from users. It tosses away the old conventions of a long page of questions and response fields. Typeform’s forms are uniquely designed, showing one question at a time and blurring out the others, making the overall form submission process feel very conversational and intimate. 

The free plan allows up to 3 typeforms and up to 10 questions/typeform. The paid plan starts from 35 USD/month.  

  • Offers a wide range of form templates for different industries and types of forms such as quizzes, polls and surveys.
  • More than 500 integrations and integrates with some of the most popular platforms like Slack, Hubspot, and Salesforce
  • Mobile-friendly with a modern look.
  • Conditional logic lets you ask the right follow-up questions and skip the rest.

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5. Zoho Forms

Screenshot of www.zoho.com

Zoho has a suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications to help you run your business. Zoho Forms has all the features you’ve come to expect from a form builder. Over 40+ field types, conditional logic to hide questions and create branching paths and simple built-in analytics to measure performance. This tool is built with data collection in mind and you’re always going to get the best experience if you’re already using Zoho’s CRM platform for lead management.

They have a free plan for 1 user and 3 forms. There are 4 paid plans. 

  • Uses technology like conditional logic and dedicated form analytics for measuring performance.
  • You can validate respondent answers while a live form is being filled in.
  • Can send instant messages and redirect respondents to pages upon submitting a form.
  • Can share your form’s permalink to let respondents access and submit entries.

6. Formstack

Screenshot of www.formstack.com

With Formstack Form’s drag-and-drop editor anyone can build custom online forms, collect data, and automate processes. It uses conditional logic and offers a selection of helpful features to guide you within the builder. There’s an emphasis on collaboration too, so you can allow multiple team members to collect, review and edit forms. 

It does not have a free plan but offers a 14 day trial period to test it. The paid plans start from $50/month billed annually. 

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant forms to enhance security and prioritise accessibility.
  • An easy way to create WCAG/Section 508 compliant forms.
  • Advanced security features, including data encryption, user-level permissions, audit logging, and security maintenance.
  • A/B testing tool can compare different versions of your forms and tell you what performs better.

7. 123 Form Builder

Screenshot of www.123formbuilder.com

123 Form Builder makes it easy to build any form for any purpose without having to write a single line of code. With more than 1900 Form templates and 80+ integrations, you can easily add forms to your website. You can choose from more than 30 elements, including but not limited to: text, drop-downs, radio buttons, signatures, Captcha, Likert scales, social buttons, rating stars and radio buttons. You can even import your own CSS.

The basic plan is free but limited to one form with 123 Form Builder branding. The paid plans start from $19.99/month billed annually

  • Embed images, videos, PDFs, Google Maps and set up forms in multiple languages.
  • Randomised choices, rating scales, Likert scales, countdown timer and grading for quizzes, surveys and polls
  • Show respondents only the relevant information with conditional logic and branching.
  • Password protected forms and shareable form links.

8. MightyForms

Screenshot of www.mightyforms.com

With MightyForms, you can easily create comprehensive order forms to sell your products and services or collect donations for your projects. It is a relatively new entrant into the market and as such has many plus points of the other form builders. Their drag-and-drop builder is among the best on the market and the interface is user-friendly. MightyForms also includes reCAPTCHA v3 to protect your website from robots and spam. 

You can start with their free beginner plan that allows 2 published forms, 100 monthly submissions and 1,000 monthly views. The paid plans start from $15/month billed annually. 

  • The first online form creator that integrates directly with Google Tag Manager, Google Drive and Google Analytics.
  • Responsive forms that adapt automatically to fit nicely to screens on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Easily create automatic notifications to send customized emails to multiple people each time after a form is filled.
  • Super easy to customize and create your own theme for each of your forms. 

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9. Formsite

Screenshot of www.formsite.com

Formsite can be your best friend if you’re looking for maximum security for the sensitive information that you want to collect. The platform lets you secure your form data by encrypting the text in specific form fields so that responses appear unintelligible to people without permission to view them. There is no need for a complex eCommerce solution when you can create your own order process with Formsite. The forms have automated totalling, inventory tracking, payment processing options and an additional order review page. 

There is no free plan. Their paid plans start from $21/month billed annually for 5 forms and 500MB file space. There is also a 14-day free trial option for you.

  • Each form in your account can be styled individually. 
  • Set up conditional logic rules to customize messages to form visitors, administrators, or any interested party.
  • Form themes can be applied and changed easily, and an extensive stock photo gallery is available for quick and easy customization.
  • Secure enough to process payments on your own, or integrate with a payment service such as PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.net, Stripe, or Pay By Check.

10. Paperform

Screenshot of paperform.co

Paperform is a great option if you want to build forms that look like landing pages or blog posts.  Its user interface is sleek and Paperform has done a decent job of making extensive options easy to navigate. It’s a nice substitute for a landing page builder, letting you collect visitor data on custom landing pages for things like PPC ads and targeted marketing campaigns. Creating web forms with Paperform’s unique form editor is just like writing a doc. Anyone can create beautiful online forms, payment or product pages, quickly and intuitively, without any technical knowledge.

They have only paid plans starting from $12.50/month billed annually for an unlimited number of forms and 1 user. 

  • GDPR compliant form builder
  • Every form has its own URL, so you can share the form with or without your own website
  • Option to take bookings, manage your availability, and sync it all to your Google Calendar.
  • Over 300 designer templates to choose from and 2000+ In-app and Zapier integrations that help you automate your workflows.

11. Cognito Forms

Screenshot of www.cognitoforms.com

Cognito Forms lets you create unlimited forms with its intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. When it comes to using conditional logic, Cognito Forms is one of the best form builders to design advanced forms on a budget. While you can create your form from scratch, Cognito Forms also has a wide range of powerful form templates to choose from. If you are a developer, Cognito Forms is a great tool for you since the form builder supports advanced features such as calculations, webhooks, CSS styling.

There is a free plan for 1 user and unlimited Forms and paid options start at $15/month for advanced forms with no ads.

  • Can perform powerful calculations that can compare total costs, compare dates and more.
  • HIPAA compliant forms
  • Can connect to your Google Analytics account to learn more about your forms and users.
  • Data Encryption feature for security.

12. Pabbly Form Builder

Screenshot of www.pabbly.com

Pabbly Form Builder lets you develop growth-focused forms according to your requirements. No need to worry about getting restricted on any feature. Even without a website, you can create form and share form links online with your users. Further, you can access and manage all your data from the Pabbly Form Builder dashboard.  The form builder is user friendly and there are plenty of design options for you to play with.

You have to pay $10 per month for each form. But there is no restriction on payments, submission or users.

  • Unlimited form submissions, payment collection, logic branches, and pretty much any feature you could want.
  • integrates with 300+ applications
  • Customized payment plans are available.
  • All Conversion Rate Optimization features included.

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13. HubSpot’s Online Form Builder

Screenshot of www.hubspot.com

HubSpot’s Online Form Builder is one of the most powerful form builder tools available. You can quickly create forms with the drag-and-drop form builder and convert anonymous website visitors into leads. When someone fills your form, they’re automatically routed to HubSpot CRM. Once they’re in your CRM system, you can set reminder tasks, call them, and send them one-to-one personalized emails. The visual analytics dashboard helps you keep track of how your forms are performing so you can attain your goals more easily.

HubSpot has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited forms and collect unlimited form submissions. 

  • Goal-based templates
  • Create responsive landing pages using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Get in-depth, customizable data about your marketing performance in your dashboard, so you know how you’re doing and where to improve.
  • Create content that looks good on multiple device types, and see it before it goes out.

14. Forms.app

Screenshot of forms.app

Forms.app is one of the best form builders to create forms and collect responses. With its intuitive and user-friendly form builder interface, forms.app enables you to create forms within a couple of minutes and start collecting responses instantly. You can create beautiful online forms such as Customer Satisfaction Survey, Contact Us, Job Application, Registration, Payment & Sales Order Form etc. easily even with your mobile phone and customize the design of the form to reflect your personal taste or corporate identity.

The free plan includes all features and people can collect more responses than any other form builder without being a paid user. Besides the free plan, the paid plans start from $8USD/month billed annually. 

  • 4 privacy states that you can set for a form or its records independent of each other.
  • Geolocation restriction to collect data from people in a certain area.
  • Choose when your form will be available and when it will be out of service.
  • Google Analytics integration and unique QR code for each form.

15. AidaForm

Screenshot of aidaform.com

AidaForm is a delightful form to use. It is easy to set up and get started right away to create forms. The user interface is beautiful and pleasant to work with. You can create сonversational as well as traditional forms with AidaForm: surveys, quizzes, order forms and more. It also lets you choose from over 90 form templates and each online form is mobile-ready and customizable with a simple drag-and-drop builder. With AidaForm, you can focus on your business and automate the rest. 

You can start with their free plan that allows unlimited forms and surveys and 100 responses a month. The paid plan starts from USD 7.5/month.

  • Stay secure with AidaForm’s encrypted SSL connection and storage.
  • Make multi-page forms with custom design. Add buttons, images, and video.
  • With AidaForm, you can ask video questions and receive text, video, and audio answers.

16. Logiforms

Screenshot of www.logiforms.com

Logiforms is a leader in online data collection and management tools. It has everything you need to design secure forms and implement automated workflow solutions. It’s compiled with enterprise-class features to meet your demanding requirements. From creating multi-page forms with progress indicators to automate GEO location detecting, you’ll be blown away by what you can create in minutes. That too with zero programmings. 

Logiforms offers two plans: Professional($24.95) and Enterprise($54.95). With a professional plan, you get 10 forms, unlimited fields per form and 5000 submissions whereas with an enterprise plan, you get 20 forms, unlimited fields per form and 10000 submissions. You can also increase account limits or set up a custom plan.

  • Provides you with enterprise-grade form solutions at low cost.
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Their user-friendly form solutions are perfect for academic, legal, real estate, insurance, and corporate applications.

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17. Captisa Forms

Screenshot of captisa.com

Captisa is a free form builder that helps you to create online forms in the easiest way. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, conduct customer surveys, find applicants for a job, or register guests for an event, Captisa’s easy-to-use online form builder lets you build customized online forms to fit your exact needs in minutes. You can create free online forms with workflows, conditional logic, duplicate detection rules, etc. It also enables you to build views and filters, and use them to analyze your data using charts or pivot grids, and then present them in the dashboard.

  • Create Portals For Your Clients In Minutes. Share multiple forms with people outside of your organization.
  • Automate document creation using Captisa Word Template, send PDF documents as email attachments, download PDF or Word documents.
  • Keep track of all the changes made to forms by your users.

18. FormAssembly

Screenshot of www.formassembly.com

By choosing FormAssembly you are choosing a web form creation and integration solution capable of innovating and optimizing your business procedures. Whether you’re a local nonprofit, a small business, or a huge organization, FormAssembly can help you to process and drive quality form conversions with web-based and mobile forms. From HIPAA compliance to unmatched Salesforce integration, FormAssembly has the features that your business needs to succeed. 

They offer 4 paid plans starting from $89/month paid annually. There is also a 14 day trial period.

  • Collect data online or offline through mobile forms, and sync it to your account when you have internet access.
  • FormAssembly’s powerful Salesforce connector allows you to create and update records, prefill forms, send attachments, and more.
  • Offers a drag and drop builder to add and rearrange form fields easily. 

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19. Formkeep

Screenshot of formkeep.com

Formkeep is the only all-in-one form backend. It is perfect for designers and developers and doesn’t require any iframes or javascript library. It provides native integrations with Email, Google Sheets and Slack. Formkeep also offers simple Webhooks for your internal systems and access to thousands of third-party service integrations.  It comes with a free plan where you get unlimited forms. The pricing plan starts from $4.99/form.

  • Email all the data to the team every time a form is submitted
  • Receive a message in any channel whenever a form is submitted
  • Add team members to specific forms under your account with a view or edit roles

20. EmbedForms

Screenshot of embedsocial.com

EmbedForms help you to set up a live form within seconds. You can quickly gather, monitor, and analyze respondents’ data all in one place even without much technical knowledge. There is no limitation on the number of forms you create. The system supports an option to create multiple forms that all have their own unique URL.

Their unlimited plan just costs $39/month.

  • Industry-specific pre-made questionnaires to reduce your workload.
  • Fully equipped and flexible editor with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Each of the English text in the web forms is customizable to create forms for any language your end-users speak.
  • Collect unlimited number of responses on each form

We have shared some of the best form builders in the market today. But, for you, the best form tool depends on your team’s purpose and particular business needs. Don’t forget to share with us your favourite form builder in the comments section below.

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