25+ Must-Try WordPress AI Plugins and Services to Boost Productivity

How many times have you said to yourself, only if there was a faster way to get this done? The ability to do more in less time, without compromising on any aspects sure sounds wonderful. Well, now you can if you make full use of WordPress AI plugins. Everything from content to code generation, these artificial intelligence plugins in WordPress will lend you a helping hand.

The AI-powered plugins for WordPress will help you in all aspects. But the issue here is that not everyone is fully aware of the possibilities these plugins bring to the table. We will explore the top AI plugins for WordPress and how useful they are on a day to day to basis and why you should include them in your workflow as soon as possible.

AI Plugins for Text-Only Content Generation

1. 10Web AI Assistant

Screenshot of 10web.io

10Web AI Assistant is a content writer and editor WordPress AI plugin. The plugin works with the Gutenberg editor and also with the Classic editor. The content generated is SEO optimized. There are also 20-plus content templates available to get started immediately. 

The plugin can generate blog posts, website copies, product descriptions, and also advertising content. The outline generator will provide you with the draft and ideas upon which you can work. There is also an introduction generator that will make sure that you grab the visitors’ attention and keep them hooked to read the rest of the content.

2. AI Mojo

Screenshot of www.wpaimojo.com

AI Mojo is a fully text-focused AI plugin for WordPress that works with either GPT-3 model or the Jurassic-1 language model. In order for the plugin to work you need to have your own API key. The plugin is only compatible with the Gutenberg editor and won’t work with the classic editor.

3. ContentBot AI Writer

Screenshot of contentbot.ai

ContentBot AI Writer as the name suggests is focused on generating text content with the help of artificial intelligence. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. This AI plugin can generate ideas, and content for product descriptions, rewrite sentences, create listicles, landing page content, photo caption, and many more.

There are over 45+ AI tools available to improve workflow and efficiency. At the time of writing the plugin supports over 110 languages. With their blog shot tool, users can generate a full blog post in the shortest possible time. It also has an AI writer that is a drag-and-drop-style blog post builder.

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4. AI Writer

Screenshot of shop.gutenberghub.com

AI Writer works hand in hand with the default Gutenberg editor and focuses only on text content generation and nothing else. The plugin allows the users to control the language, tone, and writing style all from within the Gutenberg editor itself. There is also a content rewriter to make the needed changes such as grammar, make the content shorter or longer, change the tone or even translate it to your preferred language.

This is a fully premium WordPress AI plugin and there is no free version of it.

5. Uncanny Automator

Screenshot of automatorplugin.com

Uncanny Automator is an automation plugin for WordPress. But it also allows for an OpenAI integration which allows the users to generate content for blog posts and so on. Free users will have around 250 credits to generate content, but pro version users get to enjoy unlimited usage of the OpenAi integration.

The language models available in the free account are Curie, Babbage, and Ada. The GPT-3 and Davinci are accessible only to pro users.

AI Plugins for Text Content and Image Generation

1. AI Engine: ChatGPT Chatbot, Content Generator

Screenshot of meowapps.com

AI Engine plugin offers a host of features that vastly improves your workflow. This WordPress AI plugin helps you to create a chatbot, and content generation (both images and text) in a very short time, the AI copilot can be used to speed up the brainstorming session and many more features are on offer.

This plugin needs an API key from OpenAPI to work and there is also a premium version that offers more features. There is also an AI Playground that provides tools for SEO, translation, and correction. The plugin can also be integrated with other plugins by making use of the internal API that is available.

2. GPT AI Power

Screenshot of aipower.org

GPT AI Power utilizes GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and DaVinci to cater to all your content needs. Apart from generating text content, it can also provide support for SEO optimization by generating meta descriptions, can help you create a custom chatbot, an AI form generator module, a WooCommerce product writer to grab customers’ attention, an AI assistant title suggester, and the list goes on.

The image generation module uses DALL-E and Stable Diffusion AI services.

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3. Bertha AI

Screenshot of bertha.ai

Bertha AI is a comprehensive WordPress AI plugin that uses the GPT-3 model from OpenAI. The plugin has recently added the ability to generate images in addition to content generation. It can also be used to generate product descriptions. The plugin advocates that it can save 90% of users’ time when it comes to generating website content. A few of the content generation tools are a content rephraser, section title generator, paragraph generator, call to action, and contact form blurb. 

It can also write SEO descriptions, title tags and also suggest long-tail keywords. There is a premium version of the plugin with two pricing options. One can either pay for it monthly or pay as you go. This AI plugin has been extensively tested to work with leading page builders, SEO plugins, and LMS.

4. AiBud WP

Screenshot of stylemixthemes.com

AiBud WP is an AI content generator plugin for WordPress. It is based on GPT-3 and GPT-4 by OpenAI. Being a content generator this AI plugin can help you with both text and image generation, write WooCommerce product descriptions, proofread the content, ability to translate the content to 30 plus languages, and control the content style are some of the top features.

Apart from this you also get a chatbot and an AI playground which is based on the Davinci model. In order to use this WordPress AI plugin you will need an OpenAI API key.

AI Plugins for SEO Optimization

1. WordLift

Screenshot of wordlift.io

WordLift is an SEO AI plugin for WordPress that is aimed at helping you achieve your SEO goals faster and more efficiently. Some of the noteworthy features include adding structured data automatically and content recommendations to users to engage them more.
It can also generate summary and metadata, integrate with Google Analytics, allows the users to add schema, and also provides widgets for recommending products. They also have a separate plugin for WooCommerce which helps website owners to add structured data faster.

2. SEOPress

Screenshot of www.seopress.org

SEOPress utilizes OpenAI to bring artificial intelligence features to its users. The prerequisites are that the users must be using SEOPress Pro and will also need an API key from OpenAPI. As of now the AI feature in the plugin is able to generate meta titles and meta descriptions only. This feature set can also be used as a bulk action for all your posts.

More AI features are definitely on the way, as SEOPress has confirmed that this is just the first iteration of features.

3. RankMath

Screenshot of rankmath.com

RankMath for WordPress uses Content AI and is the first SEO plugin to use artificial intelligence. This will work with both the Gutenberg as well as the Classic editor. The most important point to note here is that it will not generate content for you, but will only help you optimize content based on the keyword you have entered.

The other feature set includes additional info on keywords such as ad competition, volume, CPC, and a list of related keywords.

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4. GetGenie

Screenshot of getgenie.ai

GetGenie is an AI plugin that covers all the aspects when it comes to search optimization and content creation. This WordPress AI plugin can write content for you and at the same time also do SEO keyword and competitor analysis. The plugin is compatible with both OpenAI GPT3 and DaVinci.

The plugin has over 30 plus templates to help you with the writing process, allows the users to see a list of long-tail keywords, generates SEO titles, NLP-based keywords, and SEO optimization, supports the classic editor and the features list doesn’t end here.

Screenshot of linkwhisper.com

Link building is essential for SEO. Internal link building helps allows you to draw the website visitors’ attention to other relevant articles but is easier said than done. Link Whisper will suggest the relevant internal link as we write a piece of content. The best part of this AI plugin is that it happens within the Gutenberg editor itself.

The plugin can analyze older articles that have the potential to link to other articles on the website. It can alert if there is no internal linking at all or very little use of internal link building. There is also an auto-linking feature that will take care of the internal linking building based on the keyword and the destination URL you have provided. Apart from this, there are internal linking reports, a feature to fix broken links, the ability to pull data from the Google search console, and also allows to connect multiple sites.

AI Plugins For Image Optimization

1. Imajinn

Screenshot of imajinn.ai

Imajinn is focused on one thing and that is on generating images using artificial intelligence. Using this AI WordPress plugin is really easy. All you have to do is enter your description, get creative and it will readily generate an image based on the prompt.

The best part is that the images that are generated are royalty-free. There are also various style presets on offering to make the generated images as unique as possible. Other features include face repair, touchup, and Gutenberg support.

2. ImageSEO

Screenshot of imageseo.io

ImageSEO focuses completely on images and the focus is to optimize them to be SEO-friendly. Now how does the plugin achieve it? They do it by focusing on the alt text of each and every image. The bulk optimizer will make sure all the images on the website have proper SEO-friendly alt text. The plugin can also generate preview cards for social mediEveryALTa that are fully optimized for SEO.

With the AI plugin installed, every time an image is added to the library it will write the appropriate alt text for you. The plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce. The plugin can also be used on non-WordPress websites with its API functionality.

3. EveryAlt

Screenshot of everyalt.com

EveryAlt plugin from MasterWP will take care of generating alt text for every image. This AI plugin can also be integrated with Zapier. Once you upload the images the artificial intelligence will do the rest. It will scan the image for objects, read texts, and will generate an appropriate al text.

It can alt text to already existing images and automatically for all the images that will be uploaded.

AI Plugin for Translation

1. Neuronto AI DeepL

Screenshot of neuronto.com

The more people you can reach, the better it is for your growth. For this to happen, you should be able to connect with users across the globe who speak different languages. Neuronto AI DeepL translation plugin will translate your website pages automatically. The plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce sites. The plugin makes use of DeepL which is a neural machine translation service.

The translation also makes sure that the translated content is also SEO optimized. This includes the URL-slugs also.

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AI Code Generators for WordPress

1. CodeWP

Screenshot of codewp.ai

CodeWP will generate code snippets based on your prompt and this AI service is built specifically for WordPress. This can help you with generating WP_Queries, functions, hooks, and more. This AI service is a time saver, as you no longer need to spend hours searching and visiting multiple websites. 

They also have a growing snippets library. They offer a free plan as well as two premium plans. The free plan allows for only 10 code generation whereas the premium plans starting at $12/month allow unlimited generation and more features.

2. GenerateWP

Screenshot of generatewp.com

GenerateWP is also an AI code generator for WordPress. Using this service is fairly straightforward. The code generator is categorized into 6 groups. The users just need to select the needed one, fill up the form and the requested code will be generated.

A few of the generators do require the users to have a premium plan.

3. Hasty

Screenshot of www.wp-hasty.com

Hasty is another code snippet and function generator for WordPress that makes use of artificial intelligence. There are a total of 26 generators available to ease through the development stage. Out of the 16 generators, 10 will require the users to have a premium plan. The premium plan of Hasty starts at just $4/month.The free plan doesn’t allow the option to store code snippets or link snippets between each other.

4. WPTurbo

Screenshot of wpturbo.dev

WPTurbo is a WordPress code generator project from WPMarmite. Being a code generator, it is aimed at improving the efficiency and cutting short the development time. There are over 40 plus WordPress generators powered by artificial intelligence and there is also a snippet generator. All WordPress generators are free to use with 50 requests a day on the free plan.

They are also coming up with a theme and plugin boilerplate generator soon. The premium plan starts at $9/month.

5. WPCodey

Screenshot of wpcodey.com

WPCodey is a WordPress AI code generator that does more than just generate code. The code generator can also be used to explain a WordPress code snippet and it can also explain the errors. Right now it is in the Alpha stage and is free to use for everyone.

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AI Doc Chatbots For WordPress

1. ChatWP

Screenshot of wpdocs.chat

ChatWP has been developed by the founder of Imajinn AI and this is a completely free service. The tool uses artificial intelligence to reply to any WordPress doubts the users have. 

The users only need to enter the query, the only prerequisite being that it should be a minimum of 10 characters. All the answers that users will receive are based on the official WordPress documentation. The service uses OpenAi’s GPT 3.5.

2. DocsBot AI

Screenshot of docsbot.ai

DocsBot AI enables you to create a chatbot and train with the concerned documentation and content. This is a fully premium service and there is no free version. This a great tool if you want to reduce the workload on the customer service team and at the same time improve the overall user experience and satisfaction. As one can train the chatbot to reply to support tickets. The API also makes it possible to combine the bot with other apps.

The Benefits of Using WordPress AI Plugins and Services

Well, why should you use such artificial intelligence plugins and services with WordPress? This a valid question, because if you spend some time, you can do all these tasks by yourself. Be it writing content, optimizing it, or coming up with images you could do all this without the help of AI. 

But ask yourself how much time will it take. From brainstorming then to finding out keywords to optimizing them, coming up with unique images and titles, and so on. By the time you have completed a rough draft, the competition will have already published a finished product. Most of them probably have joined the AI bandwagon.

WordPress AI plugins and services are never to be considered a full replacement for human input. Instead, they are there to improve the workflow. The AI plugins can generate content for blog topics, and web pages in an instant which in turn helps to spark your creativity even more. The more ideas, points, and information you have the better the final outcome. The SEO plugins with AI will analyze the content to see how well it is optimized and where you stand. 

When it comes to image creation also, these AI plugins are beneficial. Not everyone has access to a designer or might be on a tight budget. By making use of these services, you can generate as many images as you want and freely use them without any copyright claims.

The use of AI is also helpful for developers both experienced and beginners. Instead of looking for answers that take up the majority of the time, with a single prompt, you can have the code that will act as the foundation.

In short, these AI plugins and services are useful no matter what your area of focus is. From cutting down the needed time to various optimization, they are useful for everyone.

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