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WordPress, the best-loved CMS of all times, is behind 43% of websites on the Internet. It is able to achieve this due to the fact that both experts and technically challenged people can use it for their various requirements. So today, we introduce a plugin – WPCodeBox – to the non-experts, which we believe will make their life easier. 

The beauty of WordPress is that you do not need to be a developer to build your own feature-rich website. Anything from a basic blog to a full-swing eCommerce website can be built just by using a beautiful theme and a bunch of plugins. Well, arguably, that exactly is considered as its downside too. 

Too Many Plugins Spoil the Website!

That’s true. Using too many plugins can cause major problems to your website. 

  • More the plugins, slower the site: Each new plugin comes with a bunch of scripts and assets to support its features. They will essentially affect the performance of your website in some way. 
  • Security risk: It’s not so uncommon to find vulnerabilities in even the most popular plugins. 
  • Maintenance nightmare: It will take a huge amount of time to troubleshoot your site if you have hundreds of plugins. 

We can go on and give you at least 5 more reasons. But we think you got the point! 

That’s actually where the custom developed WordPress sites shine. They have all the required features but with a lesser headache. The best alternative is to use code snippets, instead of adding plugins for each little feature. 

What are Code Snippets?

A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with less load on your site.

Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippets to your active theme’s functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while.

Another downside is that if you change the theme which contains your code snippets, all the extra features you added will also be disabled.

WPCodeBox Plugin

When you add a code snippet, you either write your own code or google it from other sources. But the risk here is that the code may contain errors that will definitely break your website landing you in more trouble. So before deploying the code, you have to test it and ensure its credibility.

Now imagine a situation where reliable ready-made custom code snippets are already available for you, sparing you hours of researching for code and testing it. Or a situation where errors in your code snippets do not break your website. WPCodeBox plugin does exactly that and more. 


What makes WPCodeBox special?

There are many plugins available today that will help you to add custom code to your website. But WPCodeBox is in a class of its own. These are the factors we found refreshing about it. 

1. Add/remove snippets easily without plugins or child themes

WPCodeBox allows you to add code snippets to your site, in a safe and organized way. By doing this, you will reduce the number of plugins and the number of headaches. Plugins are a security nightmare and it is never a good idea to add plugins for every small requirement. To use a child theme effectively, you have to spend a nice amount of time researching the parent theme to modify it without any issues. WPCodeBox does away with both the issues. 

2. Supports PHP/CSS/JavaScript snippets

You can add snippets in PHP, CSS and JavaScript types and choose how to run the snippet (always or on demand) and where to run the snippet (everywhere, admin area, frontend or custom). No need to employ different methods to add PHP and CSS code snippets. You can write CSS code in a snippet, and WPCodeBox will auto-reload the changes.

3. Snippet control and easy management

Besides deciding how and where to run a snippet, you can easily create folders, drag snippets to them and save them for easy access. No more wondering where you used a specific snippet. There is also a shortcode generator option.  

4. Growing snippet Repository

There is a rapidly growing list of ready-to-use code snippets that you can search and import on your site straight from your WordPress Admin Dashboard, saving you hours of research and testing of codes. There are snippets for WooCommerce, Oxygen, EDD, Elementor and more are being added by the team.

5. Custom Snippets, saved in cloud

You can save your most-used snippets to your secure cloud account if you want. Those snippets will be available on all WordPress sites on which you have WPCodeBox installed. Saving snippets in the cloud will save you a lot of time by having your most-used snippets always at the ready.

6. User-friendly

You can enable/disable snippets with a single click. The dashboard is minimalistic and clutter-free with no frills. The clean UI does away with the need for any user manual actually. It is as easy as using a mobile app. 

7. Add custom functions without breaking website functionality

Usually when you put a buggy code snippet, either the site will show awkward errors whole through the website or worst, the site gets down with a ‘This site is experiencing technical difficulties‘ error. If you have worked with enough WordPress sites, you must have come across this situation at least once.

This is not the case if you use WPCodeBox. If your code snippet generates an error, it will be disabled! Yes, no more awkward errors!! This exciting feature is what we like the most about this plugin. 


There are 3 paid plans currently – Solo (1 domain and 20 snippets storage for $29), Team (5 domains and unlimited snippets storage for $59) and Agency (unlimited domains and unlimited snippets storage for $119). All plans come with lifetime updates and support.

Final Thoughts

The plugin was released recently, still, we found it to be a very mature and solid solution for anyone who wants to improve how they develop and maintain their WordPress sites. As it grows, we are sure it’s going to have much more super useful snippets and that all of them will be accessible from their snippet repository. So here is to building more powerful and stable WordPress sites!

We hope that this plugin will help you with your code snippets requirements and cut down your time spent on the same.  

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