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As you know, WordPress is a dynamic platform, and it requires a lot of time and effort to learn and get around the basic functionalities. Even the most skilled developers spend time and resources to taper their WordPress skills. The best way to stay up to date and learn the latest evolution in the field of WordPress is through online tutorials. WordPress YouTube channels offer video tutorials that explain basic functions and tasks, as well as the advanced ones, while they are being performed. This way you can understand WordPress and practice it at the same time.

However, finding the right WordPress YouTube channel is a task that you don’t want to spend time on.  So whether you are a new programmer or someone with years of experience, this list has something for you. We will be taking a look at 15 of the best and most popular WordPress-related YouTube channels around today. Let’s dive in…

1. Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore launched his WordPress YouTube channel to teach users how to create WordPress websites without any coding knowledge. He routinely posts step-by-step web development guides (with an emphasis on WordPress) for his sizable audience and he takes pride in never skipping a single step of the learning process. The videos are usually lengthy and include all the steps that would need to follow in order to create a WordPress website.

The channel is especially good at helping people create their own professional looking website without any coding experiences. You need to check him out if you want to build any type of WordPress site. 

2. WPBeginner

Who hasn’t heard of WPBeginner? If you have ever Googled a problem you have had with WordPress, surely you must have come across WP Beginner. As you might expect, this channel goes way beyond the basics when it comes to WordPress tutorials. WPBeginner’s videos are short and concise, and most of them are based on preexisting articles. So viewers get the benefit of having a transcript of sorts available if they have trouble grasping any step. 

The good news is that they have been creating a video every week for a few years now to help people with everything related to WordPress. This makes it easier for people to do things with WordPress without hiring a developer.

3. WPCrafter

WPCrafter is a popular channel (with 196k+ subscribers) by WordPress educator  Adam Preiser. This YouTube channel posts videos on everything from WordPress updates to How-to guides. WP Crafter aims to help non-technical WordPress users to get the most from this platform. They publish in-depth, easy-to-understand video tutorials. Though the channel is majorly focused on creating WordPress sites using page builders, you will find theme and plugin reviews, troubleshooting, and so much more. The channel always makes high-quality videos, and they are accessible to people of all skill levels. You’d be able to find some cool videos on SEO, conversion optimization and eCommerce as well. 

4. WPLearningLab

WPLearningLab is a YouTube channel and website from Bjorn Allipas that is specially dedicated to average WordPress users. This channel is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs and beginners to set up (and run) their business sites. It has videos covering a vast area of topics, from security to admin tweaks. It’s a good place to sharpen your WordPress skills and get insights about what’s new in the WordPress universe. 

You will find a nice mix of topics ranging from a basic Flywheel installation to many guides on integrating WooCommerce plugins and so much more. Even though there are some basic tutorials included in the channel it is mainly dedicated towards intermediate WP users or more advanced users with complex problems to solve.

5. WPTuts

WPTuts is an impressive and efficient WordPress YouTube channel, with an emphasis on guides for both the Slider Revolution and Visual Composer plugins. If you’re into building amazing WordPress websites with the help of website builders like Elementor or Visual Composer, then you might want to check out WP Tuts. Their regularly released content focuses on templating, site speed, and various page builders.

Their viewership is around 82,000 subscribers and what stands out is the highly specialized nature of some of their guides. Most other WordPress channels do one or two videos about a particular product, but WPTuts go incredibly deep into every plugin and theme they cover. The video tutorials also include guides on how to launch e-commerce stores on WooCommerce. 

6. Webtegrity(Kori Ashton)

Webtegrity is ideal for beginners with a lot to look forward to for advanced users. While the channel offers many tutorials, it also includes coverage of other topics such as verifying Facebook business pages. While most WordPress YouTube channels publish videos a couple of times a month, Kori Ashton is much more productive, posting every few days. She also talks about news and events and gives essential WordPress security advice.

It is her top-notch tutorials and the wide range of tutorials offered on a regular basis that set her apart from others. WebTegrity also focuses on SEO, image optimization and website speed in their tutorials.

7. ThemeIsle

Like WP Beginner, there are chances that you have read some of ThemeIsle’s written content before. With their YouTube channel, you can watch their regularly released videos to get even more understanding of WordPress. Not only do they feature tutorials, they go into visual examples and demos of themes and plugins so you can see how they work before you install them on your own site. 

The channel was created to share tutorials and reviews for beginners and advanced users. Themeisle is regularly updated with theme and plugin comparisons, theme and plugin walkthroughs, and WordPress optimisation tutorials. It is a great resource even if you don’t use their products. 

8. WordPress.tv

Automattic publishes presentations and tutorials from WordCamps on their website, WordPress.tv. The videos uploaded to the website are hosted with VideoPress, but they also upload WordCamp videos to their YouTube channel regularly — many of which can’t be found on their website. Since the videos are presentations, they tend to be between 15 and 45 minutes long. 

This is great for anyone who wants to delve into the WP ecosystem and keep up with the pulse of WordPress development. But it is perhaps a little much for someone who isn’t familiar with the platform or how to code on it.

9. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek is an online instructor who has made it his mission to assist people in managing their website projects and successfully growing their businesses. They’re fun and highly informative, which is why it’s a must in our list of best WordPress YouTube channels. Ferdy Korpershoek covers many different WordPress-related topics on his channels, such as tutorials about Divi and Elementor. 

You’ll also find general WordPress tutorials and videos about making money online. Ferdy is popular among his near-91,000 subscribers and each of his videos is designed to help you solve a particular issue. So, if you’re an absolute beginner in the world of website hosting, then Ferdy Korpershoek can be a lifesaver.

10. Website Learners

Even though it’s only been four years since the channel was launched, the Website Learners YouTube channel has managed to acquire more than 8 lakh and 5 million views which are impressive given the small number of videos published so far. The channel’s principal goal is to target specific questionable areas of making or building an e-commerce website and provide answers to it in the form of ‘How to’. All the title of its videos begins with the phrase ‘How to’ in it. 

Most videos focus on WordPress fundamentals and take you all the way through to advanced skills. They also include videos that focus on a particular problem, such as how to add a contact form in WordPress or how to migrate your WordPress website.

11. Web Monkey

This is again a youtube channel that helps you to learn about WordPress and how to build stunning websites. Not only does it show you how to build attractive websites but also do so in a fun way so you are never bored. They provide WordPress tutorials, Elementor tutorials, Plugin reviews, etc and have more than 32000 subscribers.

12. Hostinger Academy

In Hostinger Academy, anyone can find what they are looking for, no matter you are a beginner, building your first WordPress website, or a professional trying to find an answer. After following their guides/lectors/instructors videos, creating your dropshipping store or a personal website will be an ice walk, even without any prior knowledge. So subscribe for technical tutorials, lessons on building your website, recommendations for your small businesses, webinars, and much more fun.  

13. Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson is a well-known name in the field of WordPress designing. In his YouTube channel, Darrel focuses on WordPress, website creations, and SEO. You can learn to make WordPress websites and how to use drag and drop builders. He will teach you how to start your own business and career with Web Design using WordPress. You can watch his tutorials in 6 different languages.

14. Alessandro Castellani

Alessandro’s channel is mostly focused on tutorials and guides for developers and designers that want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress. He is very particular about posting videos every week and his content goes over common issues and guides that are incredibly helpful to any developers or designers in the WP community.


Since 2006, WPMU DEV has been creating high-quality WordPress solutions and helping developers, freelancers, site-owners, and agencies grow their WP businesses. Their YouTube channel now offers a bunch of totally free videos covering some of the basics of WordPress coding, along with more intermediate-to-advanced topics for those with experience. This channel is specially helpful for those wanting to learn how to code for WordPress.

Did We Miss Any Channel?

YouTube has become a great place to learn more about WordPress and be well informed about what’s happening in the WordPress world. Anyone who is new to WordPress would have difficulty in learning WordPress. For them, video tutorials are the best way to get a good hold on WordPress. Also, these YouTube channels provide ample amounts of tutorials for you to learn almost everything about WordPress. 

Although we can assure you that the channels on this list are great, we would be happy to hear from you if we missed any great channel.

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