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Having videos shared and embedded on your content would make your site engaging and lively. If you want to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video platform to your WordPress site, you can copy and paste the embed code and customize it to suit your needs. Anyhow, that is not the most efficient way to do it. If you want to save time and have more advanced features, such as video galleries or lightboxes, you are going to need to install WordPress video player embed plugins.

In this article, we are discussing the best WordPress plugins for video embedding so that you can quickly and easily customize the way your videos are displayed on your website. 

Why do you need a Video Embed Plugin?

Nowadays, video-based content is taking over the long text-based content since they provide a great viewing experience. When it comes to watching a video, you mostly always prefer to watch it on YouTube or other popular streaming websites. But, what if you want to create a website that lets viewers watch videos on your site too? This is where WordPress video plugins come into play. These plugins help you to simplify the whole process of managing videos on your website.

By default, WordPress makes it easy to embed videos in your blog posts, but you cannot easily display a list of videos in a gallery layout. You can embed a  Video using WordPress’ native player too. To do so, load one video into the media player, and insert it in the post. Or else, embed the video link inside your post. But for any website that gives importance to how they present their content to the audience, they need to ensure everything is first-class, including the video player. And these WordPress Video player plugins offer a lot more than the default native players. So, let’s explore the top-notch video embed plugins available on the market.

1. EmbedPlus for YouTube

Youtube Embed Plus plugin is specially dedicated to embedding videos from youtube. Not only that it gives you a ton of options to customize the playlist, provide continuous autoplay, embed live streams and much more. This WordPress Video player plugin has over 200,000+ installations which speak volumes about its usability. Not everyone wants to customize and maintain their video player, and this is where YouTube EmbedPlus comes into play. This plugin is the ultimate plugin for managing YouTube videos.

2. WP Video Lightbox

WP Video Lightbox WordPress plugin allows users to embed videos straight onto any page using a lightbox overlay display. The plugin can be handy in case you are hoping to display images, flash, YouTube, or Vimeo videos on your website. Furthermore, the plugin is fully responsive, so mobile users will also be able to enjoy its functionalities without much problem. Embedding the Vimeo and YouTube video using WP Video is super simple and can be easily handled with the use of Shortcodes. The plugin can help you by automatically fetching the thumbnail for the Video you are using, but you also have the option to use your thumbnails if you want. 

3. Youtube Plugin by 10Web

WordPress Youtube plugin by 10Web lets you easily embed youtube videos, channels, and playlist on your WordPress site. The setup process of the plugin makes it easy to embed videos to the site. The plugin offers video galleries that let you organize and display videos in an engaging manner, gallery views to display in  various stylish views and different loading effects, etc. It also lets you change the theme to match the branch colour of your site. Your visitors can easily share the video to social media channels using the social button available with the plugin. The video player height and width can be modified by the user along with the player alignment, progress bar colour, and more. 

4. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder is one of the most popular and powerful video embedding plugin for WordPress that you can get for free. The plugin comes with a lot of useful and interesting features to tackle every single problem you are likely to face by showing videos on your website. First and foremost, the plugin helps to make all the videos you embed into responsive videos so that your mobile users can enjoy them without any issue. Other options include WYSIWYG support, autostart videos, tweaking URL parameters if you want, changing video alignment, and much more.

We have already mentioned Envira Gallery in our listicle of best Gallery plugins. It also offers a video addon that allows you to create a gallery of YouTube videos and self-hosted videos on your site. They also have support for other popular video hosting services such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Wistia and Instagram. It also comes with many advanced options, including displaying the videos in galleries, opening them in lightbox, and more. Envira comes with a widget that’s easy to drag-and-drop into any sidebar or any area that accepts widgets on your site. Just drag and drop the widget into any widget ready area to display a gallery there, or you can use the shortcode to display videos wherever you want.

One downside of using Envira Gallery is that it will not automatically fetch new YouTube videos from your channel. To add videos to your gallery, you’ll have to manually add the video URL each time.

This is an entirely responsive WordPress plugin that will make your videos respond to the screen size accordingly. It comes with a powerful admin panel that will help you to set up everything perfectly. It offers an option to have multiple galleries in one gallery, which means you can create some different galleries from different sources and then merge them into one.

It comes with a powerful shortcode generator that will help you to embed the galleries easily into your post or pages. It also offers you an amazing skin generator and comes with five ready to use skins. Social sharing and embed code buttons are made to be visible and clickable on screen. Should you need to change any of its skin and appearance, this video plugin is highly customizable with its multiple skins and menu options. 

7. FV Flowplayer Video Player

FV Flowplayer WordPress video player is an HTML5 video player for your website. It also comes with the fallback for legacy browsers which doesn’t support HTML. It provides the ability to position videos from certain users. That means you can position the video if it is for a guest or a member. It also supports playlists. The plugin is completely responsive and will run on any device, making it an ideal choice for modern websites.

The player lets you play all the major video formats including MP4 and others. Other key features include support for native fullscreen, Google Analytics, slow motion and much more. The players will give the power in your hands and will let you create a brand out of your content. Also, there is a PRO version that you can try out. The PRO version offers more features and customizability.

8. Easy Video Player

If you are looking for a simple alternative, then Easy Video Player is for you. The plugin offers a user-friendly way to handle videos on your website. To use the plugin, you need a self-hosted WordPress website. As per the features, it supports MP4 and other popular video formats. The plugin is also responsive which means that you don’t have to worry about embedding different video sizes. Shortcodes are also provided for easy use within any theme. Just like other video players, it comes with autoplay, different skins, and more.

9. HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player is a simple and user-friendly WordPress plugin that lets you play different video files. The plugin enables you to embed videos to your WordPress site using a shortcode. It is mainly used to create a playlist and contains 3 video players: bottom playlists, right-side playlists, and simple versions. As the name suggests, it is HTML 5 compatible and offers you many features. 

There are several pre-defined templates that you can use to add videos to your site. The plugin is integrated with the Gutenberg editor and lets you add the player block easily to your posts. You can also add a video preview to your site if you are selling video files from your website. HTML 5 video player comes with an auto-play option to play a video automatically as soon as the page loads. You can simply change the colour option and improve the quality of the video. Apart from these, the plugin has no ads that make the playback experience wonderful.

10. Videojs HTML5 Player

With this plugin you can embed MP4 videos into standard WordPress posts and pages, embed HTML5 videos, use videos with poster images, play videos directly from your Media Library in a shortcode with a link and more options. Overall, the plugin is very clean, lightweight and powerful. Videojs makes it super easy for you to embed both self-hosted video files or video files that are externally hosted using Videojs library. The player is fully responsive and your videos will be playable on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Video Gallery by YotoWP is a free plugin that helps you create a gallery of YouTube videos from different sources including playlists, channels, usernames and video IDs. It offers a modern and mobile responsive video gallery. For your gallery layout, you can choose between a grid or a list (or mix the two). You can also choose from different players including a lightbox popup option that shows the specific gallery video in a modal popup. If you want more features, there’s also an affordable premium version that mainly adds new layouts and effects.

All-in-One Video Gallery helps you build video galleries on your site that are scalable, searchable, and SEO optimized. A Custom HTML5 Video Player that supports MP4, WebM, OGV and embeddable players like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and more. It lets you customize the player controls, playback options, and over a hundred other settings. The default gallery is neatly organized. You can create unlimited categories and subcategories to make it easy for users to search through your videos. One of the best features of this plugin is that you can customize the logo, branding, and context menu.


Installing and activating a video embed plugin is a much better way to add videos to your site other than copying and pasting the embed code. These WordPress plugins allow you to efficiently add video galleries to your site, with tons of customization options, without touching a single line of code. Choose one of the above that suits your particular needs, and you’ll see what a big difference it makes. Did we miss any interesting video embed plugin in the list? Just comment and let us know. 

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