11 Best Multi-Currency Plugins for WooCommerce

You might have set up your ecommerce website with WooCommerce but there would be one thing you would have noticed – changing currencies is missing. This is where multi-currency plugins come into play. Your customers would need prices to be mentioned in the currency of their respective countries and these plugins are great sources to display currencies of various countries.  

We have seen Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins for Your Online Store, now we are going to discuss Multi-currency plugins.

Why Multi-currency Plugins for WooCommerce?

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When you launch a brand or an ecommerce site, the idea would be to reach global customers. You market your brand accordingly and ensure that each customer’s need is met without fail. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin to build ecommerce sites and it caters to your requirements quite well. 

However, when it comes to showing the prices, WooCommerce has US dollar set as default. It may work for most of the customers, but some global customers would need the rates shown in their local currency. Availability of this feature ensures that your customers do not hesitate to buy from your site and feel using your site, a great experience. Multi-currency plugins ensure this.

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Multi-currency plugins ensure a user friendly experience for your customers and makes switching currencies hassle free. There are multiple plugins that enable multiple-currency switching and here, we will be discussing  some of the best multi-currency plugins for WooCommerce that you could try for your site. 

1. Multi-Currency by TIV.NET INC

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This extension serves the purpose of switching currencies and recalculating rates on-the-fly. In this plugin, the exchange rate can be set up manually or automatically. The plugin can automatically get the customer’s geolocation and display the price in the customer country’s currency. You require WooCommerce 3+ and PHP 5.6+ to run this extension. 


  • Choose the currency using a sidebar widget
  • See the prices recalculated automatically
  • Pay in the selected currency
  • Add one or more additional currencies, keeping the base prices in the default currency of the store
  • Round the prices after conversion
  • Add the conversion commission
  • Use the “price charming”

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2. YayCurrency by YayCommerce

YayCurrency plugin detects currency automatically depending on the country of the user and lets them switch currencies easily. This is an excellent multi currency switcher plugin for WooCommerce and premium features are available for a reasonable price. It comes with a currency converter, currency switcher, additional conversion fee, price based on country, auto-update exchange rate, custom price rounding, checkout permission for different currencies, payment methods, and more.


  • Automate currency conversion
  • User-friendly settings
  • Switch currencies at checkout
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Intuitive design

3. WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher by PluginUs.Net

This plugin allows your customers to switch currencies according to real time currency rates and pay in the selected currency. With this plugin, you can add any currency to the WooCommerce store and ensure that the users find it easy to use. 


  • Available as widget and shortcode
  • Intuitive design
  • Update currency rates automatically and manually
  • Custom money signs
  • Possibility to set currencies as Public or as Private.
  •  Individual GeoIP rules for each product

4. Currency Switcher by WP Wham

Currency Switcher is one of the most effective multi-currency plugins available for WooCommerce and the premium version is reasonably priced. With over 20,000 installations, the plugin is popular and helps you convert and switch currencies like a breeze. The plugin is easy to install and use and has many features that come with the free download. 


  • Automatic currency exchange rates updates.
  • Prices on per product basis.
  • Currency by country (i.e. by IP) and by language (i.e. locale).
  • Option to revert to original currency on checkout.
  • Option to override currency by user selected billing or shipping country.
  • Various currency switcher placement and format options.
  • Option to add currency switcher as widget or as shortcodes.
  • Option to additionally change order currency by admin.

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5. WBW Currency Switcher by WooBeWoo

This plugin allows you to display prices in multiple currencies, use an unlimited number of currencies and set the exchange rate for each currency manually or automatically. The plugin makes full use of Cryptocompare and Free Converter platforms, providing the latest exchange rates, and converting displayed prices in real-time. Currency can be changed automatically according to the customer’s IP.


  • Unlimited number of currencies
  • Manual/ automatic exchange rate for each currency
  • Checkout in selected currency
  • Add any custom currency or your own designed icon
  • Compatible with WordPress themes
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Increase the cart conversion

6. Multi Currency by VillaTheme

This multi-currency plugin for WooCommerce converts WooCommerce product price, coupons, shipping price, taxes to customer-preferred currency. Customers can select the currency on the front-end with a widget, currencies bar or you can set the plugin to detect currency based on the customer’s location and site’s language.


  • Multiple currencies available
  • A small bar float on the side of your pages allows users to change to their preferred currency.
  • Availability of Currency selector widget
  • With the fixed price option, you can add a “fixed price” for each product/variation in each currency.
  • Hide Currency on front-end
  • Update the exchange rate with data from Google Finance or enter it manually.
  • Geo-Detect

7. Currency Exchange by BeRocket

With this plugin, you can easily set up switching to any currency in WooCommerce. It replaces prices on shop and product pages to the currency of your choice but uses WooCommerce default currency for order and check out pages. You can set up a widget or shortcode with images for each currency in this one. Currency exchange rates can be downloaded from Open Exchange Rates and automatically updated every 24 hours.


  • Compatible with various themes
  • Automatic updation
  • Orders will be saved with the selected currency
  • Currencies are auto-selected based on the customer’s location and language.
  • Completely free

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8. WooCommerce Multiple Currencies by Vanquish

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Your online store will display the prices of products according to the selected currency with this premium plugin. This one is very straightforward: install, select the currencies and the update rates frequency! It doesn’t require you to configure any paid third party services to update rates. It relies on its own update rate system that doesn’t require any extra configuration.


  • Availability of more than 100 currencies
  • No tricky configuration 
  • Automatically display the Currency switcher in any page footer, or in any menu or through a Widget.

9. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by WPExperts

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This plugin makes converting currencies easy and offers a seamless experience for your customers. With this plugin, you can rest assured that your customers will be able to purchase your products in their preferred currency. If you want to expand your WooCommerce store to other countries, don’t miss out on global sales opportunities with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. You need WooCommerce 3.8+ (4.0+ recommended) and PHP 5.3 + (7+ recommended) to run this plugin.


  • Easily add and manage an unlimited number of currencies
  • Display currency switcher on shop, cart, and checkout pages
  • Rates auto-update according to your preference
  • Available as a widget for easy installation
  • Allow customers to pay in their preferred currency
  • Disable the currency switcher to change the currency to default before checkout
  • Display currency in two different ways: abbreviation of country names or using flags
  • Set fixed exchange rates with respect to your WooCommerce store’s default currency

10. Price Based on Country by Oscar Gare

This plugin allows you to sell the same product in multiple currencies based on the country of the customer. The plugin automatically detects the country of the website visitor through the geolocation feature included in WooCommerce and displays the currency and price you have defined previously for this country. You can calculate the price either by applying the exchange rate or manually. 


  • Sell and receive payments in different currencies
  • Includes a country switcher widget to allow your customer change the country from frontend
  • Apply currency conversion to Flat and International Flat Rate Shipping

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11. Multi Currency by Palscode

Multi currency is a prominent multi-currency plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin allows your website or online store visitors to switch to their preferred currency or country’s currency. Multi currency has the option to select currencies that you want to enable on your online store. Currency rates can be set automatically or manually.


  • Switch currencies easily
  • Unlimited currency conversion
  • Exchange rates are auto-updated
  • Availability of original currency revert at check out 

Wrapping Up

The multi-currency plugins for WooCommerce are extremely reliable and help your customers to choose their preferred currency without going for third party services. These plugins also help you to increase your revenue with customers buying products from your site with the currency of their choice. We hope this article will help you to identify the best multi-currency plugin that will suit your needs. 

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